Craig Nicholls of the Vines took to the stage with The Killers in Sydney on Saturday night as a united alt-rock force, sending the crowd into a frenzy of nostalgia and hysterics.

Flowers used the opportunity to praise the Vines’ vocalist, saying that the Sydney band “paved the way for bands like us in the early 00s to make rock n roll.” He noted that they blew the doors open and allowed for bands like us to walk through them” before adding, “we’re gonna play a little bit together now.”

The bastions of 90s and 00s rock performed a blistering rendition of the Vines smash hit ‘Get Free’, and stayed on stage to assist the Killers with a performance of their 2006 track, ‘When You Were Young’.

It’s not the first time the long-time mates have taken to the stage together in Australia – Nicholls jumped onstage with the band in Sydney in 2007 to cover the Beatles’ ‘Helter Skelter’.

A release date for The Vines’ upcoming album In Miracle Land is still unknown, their first album since 2014’s Wicked Nature. The band re-released their landmark album Highly Evolved on vinyl last year to coincide with its 15th anniversary.