Ray Davies, lead singer of legendary British band The Kinks has unearthed that the band may be set to record new music soon, marking their first new material since 1993’s Phobia. 

In a recent interview with the Channel 4, Davies confirmed that the band would be reuniting to record new music, stating that he felt as though it was the “right time to do so”. He jokingly stated that the “official” reunion would occur as the band joined each other “at the pub” after the interview was finished.

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In the interview, Davies said that the band would be taking a “low-key” approach to their reunion, unlike The Rolling Stones, who are “great at organizing their careers”.

“It won’t be well-organized like the [Rolling] Stones. Great band, great at organizing their careers and Mick [Jagger] has done an incredible PR job and it’s kind of inspiring to see them doing it — but the Kinks will probably play in the local bar.”

Dave Davies, Ray’s brother and lead guitarist recently took to Twitter to state that the band have written “3 or 4 songs” and they haven’t yet discussed the possibility of reunion shows yet.

“Me and Ray have spoken about the possibility of us working on a new album. Ray has a few songs he wants to finish. I have 3 or 4 songs I’ve written with Ray. We’ve been talking about it for some time now. We haven’t discussed shows or anything else at the moment.”

Last year Ray Davies said in an interview with Belfast Telegraph that it would take a “miracle” to get the band back together, whilst Dave remained open to the idea. In 2010, Dave also canned the idea of a reunion

“I think the music is so beautiful it shouldn’t be tainted,’ he says. ‘It would be a shame. You don’t need to see silly old men in wheelchairs singing ‘You Really Got Me”, expressing some open volatility towards his brother, calling him and “areshole”.

The Kinks gave their last public performance in 1996, with members moving onto solo projects shortly after. Original bassist Peter Quaife passed away in 2010 of a kidney condition, leaving remaining founding members Ray and Dave Davies and Mick Avory.

Watch the Kinks’ ‘You Really Got Me”

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