The team behind beloved ’90s Saturday morning staple Recovery are busy celebrating the show’s 20th anniversary as they continue their push to see it return to our television screens, which is likelier than you think.

As Tone Deaf previously reported, a stage version of Recovery is presently in the works, and hosts Dylan Lewis and Jane Gazzo recently returned to the ABC studios for a huge Recovery special on Rage.

There’s also a Recovery DVD and CD box set on the cards for November. The DVD will feature live performance footage, a booklet of photos, and plenty of other goodies, so make sure you get that on your list for Santa.

Meanwhile, Gazzo has revealed that things are happening behind the scenes that could see Recovery return to air as soon as next year. “We’ve been approached,” she said. “We’ve got meetings on a potential TV return.”

Speaking recently to News Corp, Gazzo reminisced on the moment that almost got the original series booted off the air. It was 1996 and pop punk legends Green Day were in the studio promoting their Australian tour.

As Gazzo recounted to News Corp, partway through the interview, the trio spotted the Recovery house band’s rig. “Six minutes into the interview and their drummer Tre Cool said ‘We want to play, you guys want us to play?’” Gazzo told News Corp.

“And the live audience said ‘Yes!’ of course and before we knew it, they’d hijacked instruments off the house band and did a series of songs off Dookie complete with swear words and everything on live TV.”

Naturally, everyone in the audience and those watching at home were loving it, but the network wasn’t as happy. “They almost got us thrown off air!” Gazzo said. “Just to watch that unfold was spine tingling and hair raising and incredible to see.”

You certainly don’t have moments like that on Aussie TV anymore. And whilst nothing has been locked in just yet, Lewis recently told FasterLouder that the upcoming Recovery stage show could help “test the waters” for a TV return.