The 50-year anniversary of seminal Beatles record Abbey Road is currently being celebrated the world over.

Half a century has passed and the world is still inspired, engrossed, and utterly hooked on what is often considered the world's best album.

In Australia, one of our most beloved supergroups, A.R.C, comprised of Kram (Spiderbait), Mark Wilson (Jet), Davey Lane (You Am I), and Darren Middleton (Powderfinger) are even hitting the stage to celebrate the album’s longstanding legacy this August.

We all know the hits that soundtracked a musical epoch, from 'Here Comes The Sun' to 'Hey Jude', Abbey Road is more than just the final LP The Fab Four recorded together.

So, how much of a Beatles fan are you? Do you know even the most esoteric facts and details about Abbey Road? Find out by taking our quiz below.

The opening line to 'Something' comes from which song?
The secret song Her Majesty was originally meant to appear between which two tracks?
On what date were all four members in the studio together for the last time ever?
Who is the man pictured standing next to the car on the Abbey Road album cover?
Which artist used one of the licence plates from the Abbey Road cover on their own album cover?
What is the official name for the most die-hard The Beatles' fans?
What was The Beatles' song 'She Came In Through the Bathroom Window' inspired by?
On the cover, who is pictured with a cigarette in his hand?
Ringo Starr wrote and sung one track on Abbey Road. Which was it?
What was the working title for the album?

To catch ARC lovingly perform Abbey Road on the live stage – check out the tour and ticketing information over at the Live Nation website.

Abbey Road Live 50th Anniversary