The Vaccines’ Justin Young has taken on the role of interviewer for Tone Deaf to chat to up-and-coming Brit sensation Alfie Templeman following the pair’s collab on Alfie’s s EP’s title track, ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’. 

Speaking to each other from the comfort of their own homes, the boys had a chat about everything from how they’re both coping while in isolation amid the global coronavirus pandemic, to Alfie’s bizarre rider request for when he hits the road on tour.

Speaking of the impact of isolation on their musical endeavours, both Alfie and Justin admitted the unusual circumstances had them feeling a bit stumped when it came to penning new music based on real-life experiences.

“When it came to lyrics it was like hitting a brick wall, basically” Alfie explained. “You can’t write anything that’s happened in life because you’ve literally been staring at a wall.”

Justin added, “I had weird social anxiety where I forgot to behave around other people because it had been so long since I’d spoken to someone who wasn’t living under this roof.”

The boys also chatted about rider requests while on tour, and in contrast to Mariah Carey and her demand for 20 white kittens, Templeman’s request is for more simple when it comes to what he needs’ on tour.

“Tomato juice,” the Alfie replied when asked by Justin what his “dream” rider would be – to which The Vaccines muso admitted, “I hate tomato juice!”

The Vaccines muso and Alfie Templeton recently made waves in their recent collaboration on Alfie’s s EP’s title track, ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’, which has already premiered overnight as Annie Mac’s Hottest Record in the World on BBC Radio.

Describing the inspiration behind the new single, Templeman said: “‘Happiness…’ is the most colourful sugary disco-pop song I’ve put out so far. It came about so easily one day in the studio with Justin from the Vaccines and his right hand man Will and by the end of the day we knew we had something special on our hands. It’s a tough time for everyone right now so hope this brings a little happiness into people’s lives!”

Check out the full interview between The Vaccines’ Justin and Alfie below, and you can listen to ‘Happiness In Liquid Form’ here.

The Vaccines’ Justin Young interviews Alfie Templeman: