Two legs of this year’s Falls Festival have already sold out, with tickets to Lorne and Byron Bay flying out the door. Your best bet to secure a ticket to Falls is to buy a pass to the quickly selling Marion Bay or Fremantle legs, or hit up Brendan Busch.

As Beat reports, Busch says he has a free four-day pass to Falls Festival (which event isn’t specified, unfortunately), which he is willing to give away for free. He’ll even throw in camping and accommodation with absolutely no money down. Though there is one catch.

The ticket, Beat writes, will go to anyone who can convince triple j to change the date of the Hottest 100. Camping and accom will be thrown in if you can get the station to apologise for not having done so earlier and explain why “January 26th is the most un-Australian Day of the year”.

As you may have heard, a new movement has emerged that would like to see triple j’s annual Hottest 100 countdown moved from its traditional broadcast date on 26th January, a.k.a. Australia/Invasion Day, to a less inflammatory date.

“‘Australia Day’ represents, for First Nations’ Peoples, a date commemorating the invasion of their countries and colonization of their ways of life, rather than a celebration of what it now means to be ‘Australian’,” a petition reads.

“We recognize that it isn’t within the power of Triple J to change this date; however, it is capable of using their broadcast to make a statement of solidarity with the experience of those whose countries were colonised.”

Image via Beat

“By changing the date of the Hottest 100 Countdown,” the petition continues, “Triple J can send a message to First Nations’ Peoples that they, and their experiences, are valued and respected by other Australians.”

As Beat reports, Busch claims that if the Hottest 100 date remains unchanged by 25th December, the ticket will be given to to anyone who shares his Facebook post with a better alternative for how to spend 26th January.

After A.B. Original, a collaboration between Indigenous Australian rappers Briggs and Trials, unveiled their fiery new collaboration with Dan Sultan ‘January 26’, many fans suggested it would be a fitting track to top the Hottest 100.

Several listeners have since taken to Twitter to encourage triple j listeners to vote for ‘January 26’ in the upcoming Hottest 100 voting round, whilst others have used the song to question why the Hottest 100 still takes place on Invasion Day.