Seattle Repertory Theatre has commissioned a grunge musical set in the city during the early 1990s which will feature “an original, fictional story told with pre-existing songs of the era.”

The music will be plucked from BMG’s catalogue, which features heavy-hitters of the time, such as Soundgarden, Smashing Pumpkins, Nirvana, Hole, and Alice in Chains. Nirvana and Hole’s ex-manager Janet Billig Rich will oversee the licensing of these songs.

Interestingly, Variety notes that the composers of these works will be included as authors of the theatrical piece, given the lyrics will play an integral part in the story-telling. So, theoretically,  you could soon go and see a piece of musical theatre credited to Cobain/Love/Corgan/Staley/Cantrell/Cornell. Never thought we’d see that day.

No further information regarding casting, or the musical’s title, has been made available. Until then, let’s be sensible and just refer to it as I Hate Myself And Want To Die: The Theatrical Spectacular.

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