Woolongong’s Yours & Owls festival seemed to go off without a hitch on the weekend, except for the part where they had $7,000 worth of equipment stolen from them.

Following on from performances at the Panoptes Palace stage, which featured artists such as Somersault, Kato, and Jake Walker, the festival’s equipment was taken down and put into storage. At about 1am on Wednesday morning, thieves managed to break in and steal a $7,000 sound system.

Speaking to Music Feeds, an organiser has stated that “a witness form the apartment complex said they saw a man loading the speakers into a blueish BMW”. It was stated that they have CCTV footage, and that they need the speakers back ASAP for another event, so they “may drop charges if they are returned promptly.”

The stolen gear includes, various AV cables, a QSC K12 12” 1000 watt two-way powered portable speakers set, and 2 QSC KW153 1000 watt three-way powered PA speakers. The Panoptes Palace Facebook group has 360-degree video available for viewing to get a good idea of the type of equipment that has been stolen.

Organisers are asking anyone with information related to the theft to get in contact with Panoptes Palace via their Facebook page. A reward of 4 tickets to next year’s event is also on offer for info that leads to the capture of the thieves.