If you’re a Tool fan, you’ve undoubtedly been waiting a very long time for a follow up to their last record, 2006’s 10,000 Days. In fact, at this point, their last record title seems more like the group have been taunting fans about how long they’ll be waiting for a new one, if anything. But now, some good news has come forth with word that Tool is looking set to remaster and reissue all their records for a vinyl release.

Back in June, bassist Justin Chancellor told fans that the new record is “about 90 percent there”, but Tool fans are well aware of how crushing the feeling of disappointment can be, so they’re taking that with a grain of salt. But now, it seems as though there is some movement in the Tool camp, with planned vinyl reissues in the works.

A Reddit user recently took to the website to share an email exchange that he had with Tool’s drummer Danny Carey. “Hi Danny,” the user who went by the name of Josh started his message. “I have been trying to get a petition going, to get 10,000 Days/Ænima on vinyl. Would this be at all possible given a certain amount of signatures?”

Danny Carey was quick to respond, stating “The petition won’t really matter. We are already in the process of remastering all our albums for vinyl release in the near future.”

Message from a Reddit user to Tool's Danny Carey

While the majority of Tool’s albums, and their 1992 EP Opiate, have seen a vinyl release in the past and are widely available, some remain outside of the grasp of your average fan. Tool’s seminal 1996 record Ænima was initially only released in limited numbers on vinyl, and their 10,000 Days record has never been officially released on the format, but has been widely bootlegged.

It isn’t clear whether this prospective vinyl reissue will include their Opiate EP, or if it will include the compilation album Salival, released in 2000, but at this stage, we’ll take whatever we can get.

Whether or not we’ll be seeing these vinyl reissues before or after the new record’s release, or if we’ll even see them at all, remains to be seen, but with reports that Tool’s music is set to be made available on streaming services soon, anything seems possible these days. So let’s just sit back and wait, and hopefully soon, we’ll be able to add a bunch of Tool vinyl into our collections.

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