In a brand new exclusive interview with AltPress, Trace Cyrus of Metro Station has announced the return of his band in the new year.

Anyone who misses the era of iPod Nanos and 2000s classics will surely remember Metro Station, who came onto the scene with their infectiously catchy ‘Shake It’, which became a defining song of the decade.

In 2017 the band announced that they were officially breaking up, leaving many of us to wonder what exactly happened to our long-lost loves, the kings of modern dance-emo perfection Metro Station.

Speaking exclusively with AltPress, Trace Cyrus, brother of Miley Cyrus, has detailed his plans for 2020, including the reunion of Metro Station. I’m not crying, you are.

Below are excerpts from the interview, which you can read in full HERE.

Watch the video for ‘Shake It’ by Metro Station.

ALTPRESS: Metro Station have really been stirring some stuff up in the scene in the last couple of weeks.

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TRACE CYRUS: Yeah, we randomly just got back together [and] started working on the music. That’s the reason I’m in Los Angeles now. I came to work with Mason [Musso] and just restart this Metro Station thing. I think a few years ago, I just got so burnt out on the touring side of music that I just wanted some time off and to get my personal life together. And now it’s just things like TikTok and Spotify and all these new things that didn’t exist before have made “Shake It” and Metro Station take off in a whole new way that we thought would never happen. It’s really, really cool, and it just inspired us to want to get back together and make new songs. Yeah, it’s nothing that we really planned. I just called up Mason one day and told him, “Let’s get the studio,” and now we’re working on it.

It’s no secret that everybody who’s in the music community knows and loves “Shake It.” It was wild because we’ve been noticing a lot of artists are returning or getting back together lately.
You know, I saw a couple of comments of people using that comparison. But we’re not getting back together because we’re seeing other bands trying it like that. We’ve just been inspired by the streams and how much love Metro Station are still getting after all this time. Like, I think “Shake It” got 26 million streams just on Spotify this past year.

That’s super exciting to hear. So obviously, Metro Station is getting back together?

Actually, Mason just left. We were in the studio here in Calabasas, and we just finished our third song back together in the past week. So it’s been going really good.

When are you anticipating to start releasing new music?

The goal is for me to come back here after I get to spend the holidays with my family and then shoot our first music video and just put a single out to the world. Most likely be like, “Here’s our first song and video and then album on the way.”

It’s awesome because the chemistry me and Mason have in the studio has just always been there from the first day we met. You know, we went in the studio and made a song together when we were 17 years old. And I hadn’t seen or spoke to Mason in over two years. And I just came up to L.A. and, you know, within a few hours we had made a whole new song that we are so excited about that we feel I can make another stamp on the music industry. So when you have a chemistry like that with someone, it’s just awesome. When you get back in a room and you realize nothing changes.

That’s awesome. What sound are you going after? Is it going to be what we know from Metro Station, or is it going to be completely new and adapted?

No, we’re trying to go back to our roots. It’s definitely that more upbeat dance vibe. With the last stuff we did when we got back together a few years ago, I feel like we were trying to experiment and do different things. We did a full acoustic project and just different things we typically wouldn’t do. I think we’re to the point where we just want to give the fans exactly what they want to get. It’s not about making songs that we want to hear or we like. I think as artists, we start to do that a lot of times [and] our opinion starts to mean more than what the fanbase or the rest of the world’s opinion is. And right now, we just want to give people what they want and really have those top 40 upbeat dance tracks that, you know, you can rock out to.

Watch the video for ‘Seventeen Forever’ below.