Melbourne indie rock quintet, Rolling Blackouts recently dropped Talk Tight (out via Ivy League Records), their debut EP and a worthy follow up to their widely infectious single ‘Wide Eyes’.

It’s fair to say the guys have carved a nice little a place for themselves within the Melbourne music scene since their debut in 2014 with their infectiously angular tunes and unique take on golden era Australian indie rock.

To celebrate the release of Talk Tight the guys have kindly given us a track by track run-down of the EP – check it out below and if you like what you’re hearing be sure to pop by the band’s Facebook page for more info on upcoming shows.

Clean Slate

This one’s about an early 20th century quack. He moves from continent to continent stuffing things up, starting again, and stuffing up again. We recorded it live in a tiny sweatbox in North Melbourne in mid-2014.

Heard You’re Moving

This one’s set in a country town, it’s about two little kids. The girl’s family is moving, and the boy takes it pretty hard. There’s a bit of a nod head to The Angels’ Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again… No way, get real, shove off.

Wither With You

This song is about love and decay. It was inspired by the last page of an autobiography I read called Victories of Failure. A guy loses everything but clings on to his marriage for dear life. It was recorded in an office but it’s set on a farm.

Wide Eyes

Wide Eyes is about getting out of town and feeling really cool about it. The petrol station sunnies are a good fit, the pie was actually really good, “Tusk was probably even better”… the Passiona could be a little colder – but 3 out of 4 is alright!

Tender Is the Neck

Tender is the Neck is about two people spending time together and time apart. It’s one of those stories that starts with the end. I was actually trying to write the most stonkin’ disco song but this is how it came out.

Upcoming Shows

Sun 14 Nov | At First Sight Festival
Sydney, NSW

Fri 20 Nov | The Gasometer
Melbourne, Vic

Wed 9 Dec | Oxford Art Factory
Sydney, NSW
(Supporting Bully)

Thu 10 Dec | Howler
Melbourne, VIC
(Supporting Bully)

Sat 12 Dec | Woolly Mammoth
Brisbane, QLD
(Supporting Bully)