Are you a bit strapped for cash at the moment? Are you in need of some emergency funds? Are you a pretty big fan of Travis Scott? Well, if you answered yes to those questions, you might want to head over to Twitter, where the rapper is currently giving away $100k to his loyal fans.

Just days after Travis Scott’s Astroworld hit #1 on the ARIA charts as a giant replica of his head managed to float around Sydney harbour, it seems that the artist felt the need to empty his bank account.

Taking to Twitter earlier today, the rapper expressed his gratitude at the fact that Astroworld had now hit #1 on the Billboard charts as well. Soon, Travis Scott followed up on his gratitude with a massive bit of generosity.

“So I know its hard for the kids,” Scott wrote on Twitter. “So I decided to unload my bank account on u guys.”

“Im busting down $100,000 and giving away to any fans that can tweet me there cash tag with lyrics from astro. Gang !!”

Within hours, both Travis Scott’s Twitter and Instagram posts had thousands of likes, with countless fans sharing their favourite lyrics from his new album with their Cash App username.

As Billboard notes, Travis Scott’s record label Epic Records confirmed his generosity, and soon, fans were also taking to social media to post proof that they had indeed been blessed by Travis Scott’s bank account.

Just a matter of hours ago, Scott Tweeted out that he had managed to offload $25k and had $75k left to bestow upon his fans, who appeared to be getting larger and larger amounts of money as time went on.

While there’s no telling just how much cash Travis Scott has left in his account by this point, there’s  no doubt that if you’re a fan of his, now’s the time to reach out with some of your favourite lyrics in hand. Who knows, you might end up scoring some of his well-deserved cash in no time!

Check out Travis Scott’s ‘Butterfly Effect’:

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