We’re mere weeks from the end of 2018, and now triple j Unearthed has unveiled its list of most-played artists for the year.

No matter how you look at it, 2018 has been a stunning year for Aussie musicians. With Middle Kids taking out the J Award for Australian Album of the Year, and the likes of Ruby Fields, Moaning Lisa, and Pist Idiots gaining recognition for their stunning live performances, Aussies sure love their local talent.

Now, as we close out the year that has been 2018, triple j Unearthed have unveiled the list of the 50 most-played acts on Unearthed Radio for the year.

Coming at the top of the list is none other than Sydney’s Kwame, who recently took out the J Award for Unearthed Artist of the Year, and placed at #45 on last year’s list.

The talent doesn’t stop there though, with the likes of Moaning Lisa, Good Doogs, Samsaruh, and Angie McMahon rounding out the top five.

To complement this list, triple j Unearthed also took a bit of a deep dive into some of this year’s stats, revealing that Unearthed Radio in 2018 saw 4,244 different songs by 2,416 different artists racking up a total of 135,029 plays. No matter how you slice it, that’s an impressive accomplishment.

Check out the fall list below, and be sure to hit up triple j Unearthed for some fancy graphs and intriguing stats about the past year on the airwaves.

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Check out Kwame’s ‘WOW’:

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50 most-played artists on triple j Unearthed Radio for 2018

1. Kwame
2. Moaning Lisa
3. Good Doogs
4. Samsaruh
5. Angie McMahon
6. Greta Stanley
7. Eilish Gilligan
8. Ruby Fields
10. G Flip
11. Triple One
12. Woodes
13. Manu Crooks
14. Sweater Curse
16. Pist Idiots
17. Carla Geneve
18. Bad Juju
19. MANE
20. San Mei
21. Approachable Members Of Your Local Community
23. KIAN
24. Sophiegrophy
25. Bakers Eddy
27. Eliza & The Delusionals
28. Baker Boy
29. RAT!Hammock
30. Blessed
31. Asha Jefferies
32. SŸDE
33. Arno Faraji
34. Dallas Woods
35. Slowly Slowly
36. Essie Holt
38. Austen
39. Haiku Hands
40. IV League
41. Paradise Club
42. MUKI
43. Sumner
44. Genesis Owusu
45. Didirri
46. Ziggy Ramo
47. The Kid Laroi
48. Seaside
49. imbi the girl
50. Ro