Fans of US musical duo Twenty One Pilots are undertaking a rather impressive campaign, attempting to get every track on the band’s 2012 album Vessel to go Gold.

Back in March of 2018, Twenty One Pilots ticked off a major achievement, with their 2015 album Blurryface becoming the first in history to have every track certified as Gold.

Gold certification is awarded to a song once it reaches the milestone of 500,000 sales. In 2013, the RIAA changed up the way they count album and song sales, allowing for digital streams to be included within the official ranking. While permanent downloads still count for one unit for certification purposes, 150 on-demand streams are required to account for the same.

While Blurryface’s amazing achievement was one stunning musical milestone, fans of the band are now trying to help Twenty One Pilots repeat this feat.

If we get Fake You Out enough streams we can make it Gold certified and make Twenty One Pilots the first band in history with two albums every single song gold certified! LETS GO!!! from r/twentyonepilots

As Alt Press reports, fans of Twenty One Pilots (dubbed the ‘Skeleton Clique’) recently announced a plan to get every track on the band’s 2012 album, Vessel, certified Gold.

While this sounds like a rather immense task, it turns out that only two songs from the record, ‘Fake You Out’ and ‘Truce’, are actually lacking the distinction.

As a result, the ‘Fake You Out Project’ was launched, which implores American fans to bring attention to the track throughout this week, whether it be by streaming, requesting it on radio, or by using the tried and true method of word-of-mouth marketing.

While fans are currently focusing their efforts on getting ‘Fake You Out’ to a Gold certification, they haven’t forgotten ‘Truce, with fans reportedly planning to shift their attention to the other track once ‘Fake You Out’ reached the sought-after honour.

Of course, since Blurryface managed to become the first album to have every track reach Gold status, the honour has since been matched twice, with Kendrick Lamar’s DAMN. and Cardi B’s Invasion Of Privacy both accomplishing the feat just last year.

However, considering Cardi B scored such an honour just eight months after the release of her album, it makes such an achievement even more impressive.

Despite this, it remains to be seen whether the Skeleton Clique will be successful in their Gold campaign, though it’s looking as though it’s well within their reach of making Vessel the fourth album to have every track reach Gold status.

Check out Twenty One Pilots’ ‘Fake You Out’: