Speaking to Forbes about the success of their English-language single ‘The Feels’, K-pop act TWICE called breaking into the US a ‘new start’.

Few acts in K-pop have been as influential as TWICE. After more than five years in the business, countless hits and broken charting records, the K-pop behemoths released their first English-language single, ‘The Feels’.

As is customary, they did not disappoint. With ‘The Feels’, they scored their first career entry on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, coming in at No. 83. ‘The Feels’ also marked their debut on UK’s Official Singles Chart, where they held steady at No. 80.

Speaking to Forbes, the group was optimistic about their breakthrough. “I think success in the United States means to us a new start, a new beginning, and a new challenge.” said Momo.

Since this was their first foray into singing a song entirely in English, the members also opened up about the challenges of taking the task on.

“Regardless of English proficiency, all the words are pretty unfamiliar to us. It’s not like daily English, the lyrics,” explained Nayeon. “And on top of that, we put the melody on top of the words. So it was more difficult. So regardless of the English level, it was hard, I would say.”

Despite this, the group said they were always open to the possibility of making an album entirely in English. “It’s always a possibility and it will depend on how our single is met and what kind of response we will get worldwide. And it’ll be great if we can get the opportunity to do so.” said Sana.

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With ‘The Feels’ also debuting at No. 5 on the Billboard Digital Song Sales chart, TWICE also became only the second K-pop girl group to chart in the Top 5. The only other girl-group to have achieved this feat are BLACKPINK.

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Check out ‘The Feels’ by TWICE: