In a video message, Tyler, the Creator, has urged his young fans and first-time voters to “fucking vote” and he’s abso-fucking-lutely right.

It currently feels like a big moment in the U.S from here in Australia. As have many American artists including Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam, Tyler, the Creator has released an emphatic video to Twitter telling fans to vote.

As Stereogum reported, this will be the first year Tyler has rolled up to the polls. He is urging his fans to “pull-up.”

He said, “Look, I know I’m the last person y’all should ever take advice from, but I’m reiterating what everyone else is saying. And please, please if you are young and your fuckin’ back don’t hurt, go to them polls and cast a fucking vote.

“And I didn’t give a fuck about none of this shit, just like a lot of y’all. This is actually going to be my first time voting. But I see the light. And a lot of y’all gonna be like, “My vote doesn’t matter and they’re gonna pick who they want.”

He continued to comment on the rise in social media protesting. He encouraged those participants to use their voices at the polls.

“Y’all was postin’ black squares and protestin’ from y’all phone and “rights” this and cancellin’ everybody. N*gga, pull up! Y’all want a new DA? Pull up! Y’all want all these rights and shit then fuckin’ pull up!”

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“The shit that I actually give a fuck about is more art in schools and more music classes in schools and then changing the curriculum. They’ve had the same curriculum since, fuck, since 1442, judging everybody on the same shit. And I have female friends who need certain things. And I like being able to fuck on and marry whoever the fuck I want at any given moment.”

“And if we want to keep some of those options, then we have to start somewhere. And I’m not a fuckin’ encyclopedia on this shit, but I know one goddamn thing, that if y’all want any of that, then y’all know what you need to do.

“Y’all n*ggas gotta pull up! Actually go to the polls! ‘Cause some of that mail-in shit, n*ggas gonna try to call fraud, so if you can go to the polls — and I know them lines gon’ be long and it’s gon’ be hot, but please, do that. Alright? It’s hot as fuck, and this was like my third take of this video, and yes: Love.”

Watch Tyler, the Creator’s post on urging fans to vote: