With ticket scalping as an ever-present reminder that some folks just love to rip off others, it’s about time that concertgoers were given a break. With news coming to light last week about the ridiculous prices that tickets to the Falls Festival were listed for online, and now with legal proceedings against Swiss ticket resale company Viagogo looking like a very real possibility, things are looking up. But now UNIFY Gathering has provided us with even more good news.

Taking to Facebook earlier today, UNIFY Gathering announced that in light of the festival’s imminent sellout (which has since occurred), they are entering into an exclusive partnership with ticket resale service Twickets to help fans buy tickets to the festival.

Launching in Australia back in May, Twickets is a ticket resale service with a difference. Instead of companies like Viagogo allowing users to sell their tickets in an open market in which demand (or greed) dictates the price of the tickets, Twickets only allows tickets to be sold for their face value. Of course, this is a step in the positive direction for buyers in the secondary market, and it’s also a pretty good deterrent for scalpers, since price gouging will no longer be an option.

As for how it all works, well, as UNIFY Gathering’s Facebook post states; “Sellers sell for free, and buyers pay a standard booking fee of 10% of the sold for ticket price. Users must have a PayPal account to sell, and buyers can purchase with all major debit and credit cards, as well as PayPal.”

“If you do miss out on a ticket, do not pay exuberant prices for a re-sale,” they urge. “On Friday we will launch our Twickets site so everyone can re-sell tickets the right way. If you can no longer attend UNIFY 2018, please DO NOT adhere to the notion of scalping as we may simply void the ticket if we see people sell them for expensive prices.”

So if for any reason you find yourself in a position where you can’t go to UNIFY Gathering’s 2018 event, or if you find yourself in need of tickets, make sure you utilise their exclusive Twickets site, so you can make sure that you don’t rip others off, or get ripped off yourself.

In the meantime, check out ‘Carrion’ from UNIFY Gathering headliners Parkway Drive, who will be playing this track as part of the tenth anniversary celebrations of their Horizons record.

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