Following the success that came with their debut single ‘Classic’, F-POS are back at it again with their newest track, ‘Life Turns On’.

F-POS’ Patrick ‘Paddy’ Cornwall and Taras Hrubyj-Piper are giving us a little more of a taste of what’s to come from these two, who are more than just best mates, but musical masterminds, too.

As Tyler Jenke from Rolling Stone Australia stated, the group’s first single ‘Classic’ was “an exceptional introduction to the outfit,” brought by the sound of their “infectious reggae-influenced jam”.

Only a few short months removed, F-POS are back at it again, and ready to introduce their latest, shimmering, LA-recorded single ‘Life Turns On’. Filled with mesmerising beats, the soothing voices of Paddy and Taras wash over the listener, while the lyrics reflect the toughness of life, but also the beauty within.

“We wrote this song as an olive branch to life: a handshake to a hurt friend, a kiss to a lover, understanding of the pain we cause to others and ourselves, and through it all, a dogged hope to be, do, and feel better,” says F-POS. “Life is hard and life is worth living. We let it go. Thank you Moody & Thank you Shogun.”

Standing as the second track from their upcoming debut EP, the euphoric ‘Life Turns On’ was produced by New Zealand super-producer Dann Hume, who’s worked with a slew of Aussie artists like Amy Shark, Courtney Barnett, Troye Sivan, and Client Liaison. 

Directed by Rhys Day and featuring Moody Beach, Shogun, Dante and Goldfang, the visual for ‘Life Turns On’ is another visual feast from F-POS. Entirely different to the dystopian nature of the ‘Classic’ clip, it takes place in a warehouse studio space and features TikTok-ready choreography.

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Check out F-POS’ music video for ‘Life Turns On’:

Having previously worked with the likes of Goldfang and Moody Beach (that is, Sydney-based singer-songwriter Melissah Mirage) on their debut single, ‘Classic’, F-POS have already proven the importance that they place in collaboration, and provided a sneak peek into their future plans, with the duo previously hinting towards further work with local and international artists.