Aotearoa-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter Jamie-Lee Dimes has released a rambling, road trip video for her latest single ‘Wish I Was Someone Else.’

The unsettled, sun-dappled video was strung together with footage Jamie-Lee dimes captured during a three year stint living between New York City, the California Desert and Mexico. Interspersed with live performance footage, and ultimately, the lonely confines of hotel quarantine.

“My latest release ‘Wish I Was Someone Else’ is a song about mental health, and the journey of self-acceptance, and my own experiences in self-isolation from a time period of being stuck in the California desert,” explains Jamie-Lee.

‘Wish I Was Someone Else’ is an ode to the women that have never felt truly comfortable, by virtue of going through life subject to objectification, sexism, oppression and unrealistic expectations.

“I am biracial, on one side I am indigenous on the other side I am European. I’ve spent a lifetime battling internal conflict and accepting myself, I know I’m not the only person who feels this way,” Jamie-Lee Dimes explains.

Jamie-Lee will release her debut record in October 2021. Thus far, she’s released three sublime singles, ‘Release Me’, ‘Virginia’ and ‘Goodbye.’ You can check out the music video for ‘Wish I Was Someone Else’ below.

Watch: ‘Wish I Was Someone Else’ by Jamie-Lee Dimes

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