It’s been a long, hard slog from 2006’s Pigs & T.V. for the four punks from Brisbane.

Say what you will about the new album (we personally think their success is well deserved) but after its debut at number one on the ARIA charts last week Violent Soho and their label I OH YOU have taken a well earned respite, celebrating their number one in true 420 fashion by packing a bowl in their ARIA award.

When it’s 420 and @violentsoho4122’s new album ‘WACO’ debuts at #1 on the charts.

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Of course this particular method of celebration comes as no surprise. The band are well known for their bong crunching antics, and their similarly creative fans are often a source of innovative smoking devices.

WACO’s success marks a new high for the band (pun intended). After the remarkable success of Hungry Ghost there was obviously massive pressure on Violent Soho to produce something that toppled the beer fuelled monolith.

Not one to shy away from a challenge the band have clearly put in the hard yards, releasing one of Australia’s best rock records in recent years.

WACO epitomises modern rock and roll for us and many now dedicated fans, polished and intricate while maintaining the carefree, rugged tone that is the hallmark of their career.

It’s no wonder they’ve taken home a number one ARIA their first week on the charts, an award presented to Aussie artists as recognition of their achievements.

We’re only slightly surprised that the group haven’t, perhaps out of respect, drilled a proper bowl into the award. Being the first Aussie band to take a hit from a nationally recognised award would have been itself a grand achievement…we hope they have another chance!