Three years after their disbandment, beloved K-pop group Wanna One have been confirmed to reunite at the Mnet Asian Music Awards 2021.

Ever since their disbandment in 2018, fans have wanted Wanna One to reunite for performances (or maybe a new album). Well, it seems that some wishes do come true – K-pop group Wanna One are all set to reunite at the Mnet Asian Music Awards or MAMA, one of South Korea’s biggest award shows. The group will be performing with the cast of Mnet’s reality show Street Woman Fighter. 

The news comes only days after rumours of their reunion first fuelled internet corners into a frenzy. In a statement, representatives for MAMA said:

“Wanna One, who set a variety of music records within Korea during their promotions and also played a part in spreading K-pop all over the world, and the ‘Street Woman Fighter’ crews, who are key players in the K-dance scene and have also played a major role in spreading K-pop all over the world, were both recently confirmed to be attending MAMA on December 11.”

Days ago, a news report by South Korean portal JTBC sent fans abuzz in hopes of seeing the 11-member act together again. According to sources, the group wanted to follow in the footsteps of girl-group I.O.I, who reunited in May 2020.

At the time, CJ ENM did not clarify whether the rumours were true, but did say: “We are having positive discussions about various plans including the Mnet Asian Music Awards, a concert, and an album involving all of the Wanna One members.”

The members of Wanna One were put together on the reality show Produce 101, which saw idol aspirants battle it out amongst each other to debut in a final unit. The resulting group – which turned out to be Wanna One – would promote for a limited time before disbanding.

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Despite their short run, Wanna One became one of the most popular acts in K-pop, releasing banger after banger that garnered an avid fandom. The group were also speculated to reunite at last year’s MAMA, but plans for the same fell through.

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Check out ‘Energetic’ by Wanna One: