Seemingly set on taking 2020 by the throat after a horror 2019, Prince of Darkness Ozzy Osbourne has dropped a new video clip for fresh single Straight To Hell.

The clip depicts Ozzy taking part in a street riot whilst donning a black cape, hood up and all, in classic gothic style.

To be fair, Ozzy has had to take it easy recently so he does the singing from the confines of a car, emerging only with the aid of an evil looking walking stick to preside over some petrol bomb flinging. Check it out below.


While it’s not the track that he did last year with Post Malone, Straight To Hell still boasts some impressive names, with Guns N’ Roses icon Slash lending his guitar chops (alongside bandmate and bassist McKagan), while Red Hot Chili Peppers drummer Chad Smith pounds out the grooves.

Ozzy’s new LP Ordinary Man is set to drop either this month or in February, with the LP allegedly taking only four days to write.

With additional new music reportedly in the works with one Elton John, in addition to what he calls his own “Srgt. Pepper” record that is also yet to see the light of day, Ozzy has proved that age is really only a number when it comes to creative achievement.

Despite cancelling a string of dates last year, Ozzy is also set to hit the road in 2020, starting off in the US in May. Find all his tour info here and check out Under The Graveyard, another taste of the forthcoming LP, below.