San Diego surf punk outfit Wavves are getting ready to hit the road, but before they do, frontman Nathan Williams decided to lay down some ground rules for the kinds of people they’d rather not see at any of their upcoming shows.

Taking to Twitter with a message entitled “a few things i wanted to make clear“, Williams explained just who he makes music for and whom he doesn’t, firing off a list of criteria that means you are now barred from any Wavves show.

The criteria includes anyone who’s supported the #AllLivesMatter movement, anyone who’s gone out of their way to defend police, practiced victim-blaming in rape cases, white people who use racial slurs, homophobes, and Trump supporters.

According to Williams, fans of Donald Trump cover “basically 3 or 4 of the aforementioned topics” and he’d prefer they not buy tickets to his shows or his music. “I don’t want or need fans who don’t get this,” he explained.

“In fact I’d rather have a room half filled with good energy than one filled with hate. People are suffering every day and the way I see it you are either part of the solution or part of the problem.”

“And if you think I’m a biggot [sic] for saying I don’t want racists, rapists, homophobes, Trump supporters and police apologists at MY shows,” he continued, “that’s okay with me. I can live with it.”