King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard just last week dropped nine track face-melter Nonagon Infinity , their infinitely looping album and 8th full length release in under 4 years. A unique machine, an unstoppable entity, their ability to churn out releases and tunes, wild live sets, the hard work of their own label Flightless, along with the quality of their artwork, has earned King Gizzard a following that is prolific, intensely loyal and rarely disappointed.

To celebrate the release of Nonagon Infinity, Bree Wilkinson from music blog Outlaws & Losers tracked down fans from around the world and brought them together to share their King Gizzard experiences and memories and show a bit of love for the boys.

Working in the music industry Bree’s job gives her a unique look inside the world of music fandom, somewhere along the way noticed something particularly special about the King Gizzard’s inner workings “the unique thing about King Gizzard is that the entire thing is self directed, it’s really an entity/world of its own, the artist is also their roadie, their drummer is their manager, so on so forth – they just ooze creativity and there’s a real organic craftsmanship to absolutely everything they put out” she explains. 

“The relationship they have with their fan base is absolutely amazing to behold, they’re making music for themselves and for the fans. This is a connection a lot of bands don’t quite grasp, but King Gizzard do and it’s why their fan base is so avid and loyal. I think this is also part of the affinity people have to the band. The other thing is – King Gizzard have built their brand on being unpredictable rather than having one particular sound, so fans get swept up in the excitement of it all, and it almost makes them ‘disappointment-proof’, as fans can’t be let down when they can’t even formulate an expectation in the first place!

“To celebrate the release of Nonagon Infinity, I decided I’d explore the other perspective and find out from some fans globally what King Gizzard means to them and to gather their ideas and anecdotes about the band. This lead to some pretty great stories from all around the world – notably even Iran”.

Adam – Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

I’m Adam from good old philthy Philadelphia. I first heard King Gizzard while working at a local radio station. We had just gotten Oddments and were putting it in our computer. I listened to ‘Alluda Majaka’ and kind of went running for the hills; I don’t think my brain was quite ready for that (for the record I REALLY love that song now).

Later that year though I saw the music video for ‘Cellophane’ and thought it was the greatest thing ever. Since then I’ve been on and endless descent into the world of King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard. I first saw them was at a venue called Underground Arts right after they released Quarters. We took A LOT of acid. My friend convinced me that Ambrose and Stu were controlling our brains with their instruments and soon enough I started hearing the guitar part in ‘Am I In Heaven?’ saying ‘Black Metal’ over and over again. All of this made tonnes of sense at the time. I lost my glasses and couldn’t see for a while but I didn’t even care.

The Philly venue was the show where I first heard ‘Robot Stop’ and ‘Evil Death Roll’ which made my anticipation of Nonagon Infinity unbearable. Speaking of Nonagon Infinity I’d say that’s probably my favourite album (though that’s really hard to decide). It’s just so electric and energetic. Classic Gizzard if such a thing exists.

To me King Gizzard represents a spirit of creativity and experimentation that more artists shouldn’t be afraid to embrace. They are a huge influence on me and my friends artistically and musically. I don’t really think I’ve ever felt this passionate about someone’s music before. I hope they never change (meaning I hope they continue to always change). The night before Outlaws & Losers contacted me I had dream that I was talking to Eric and asked him to re-release Eyes Like the Sky on vinyl. He said “sure”.

Ashkan – Tehran, Iran

I am from Iran and I live in Tehran. It was 2 years ago that I watched ‘Cellophane’ on youtube. I was watching a live from Tame Impala and I saw a weird name on the right in suggested videos.

I travelled all the way to Amsterdam to see them and it was one of my best experiences, they were unbelievable. They also performed some of their new tracks from Nonagon Infinity which were awesome. I really like all of their records but if I have too choose, it’s I’m In Your Mind Fuzz. I can’t get enough of it, it keeps getting better with each listen.

Brandon “Turbo Fan” – San Francisco, California, USA

I first heard about Gizzy at a DMT party. I was sharing my interests in music those days (Ty Segall I think) and my pal Dominic suggested I give I’m In Your Mind Fuzz a listen. So I stored that odd, yet fully intriguing name in my phone.

Weeks later, bored with what I was listening to at the time, I dug up that name and played the first track from Mind Fuzz, I was fucked. The only way I can describe what I felt listening to those first four tracks is, this is the music I’ve been wanting to hear all my life. The perfect amount of everything to keep my body thrashing like I’ve got a bee on me, or swaying like fronds in the wind.

Needless to say I’ve been all in since that moment, album after album my bones are collected and held by these guys with every vibration. So, I ended up getting a tattoo of the band from one of their US tour flyers, the ‘Masters of the Universe’ one. A real nice half sleeve to do honour over these guys for giving me every bit of what my mind needs. Party hard boys.

Chelsea – Avalon, NSW, Australia

I enticed one of my gal pals to join me for a night of bands and booze at Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory in September 2011. We were room hopping during a lull in the sets and found ourselves crammed into the Gallery Bar, shins snug against the small stage in the corner.

We had no idea what was on next just that a shit load of boys were on this tiny stage. Out came a loud mess of sound. I found a tune amongst a heap of fuzzy lo-fi greatness and looking at the stage, all I saw was hair. It was loud and it had a flow that I had never ever experienced in such a style. My mate and I shared looks of “What the fuck is going on!?” and “Who are these fucking guys?!” and “Why does the chick behind us keep touching my butt!?”. I was sweaty and seriously happy. I asked a guy behind the bar if they knew what the band that just played name was. I wasn’t sure if I had heard him correctly when I repeated “King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard?”.

I work with children, and my kids like it when I sing ‘Vegemite’ whilst prepping their afternoon tea of vegemite and corn thins, but instead of singing ‘Strong as Hell’ I say ‘Strong as Hulk and black as night’. I could rattle off memories about every Gizz album, but their first EP Anglesea is just something special to me. My family think I am an actual loon with my music. When I talk about Gizz and tears fill my eyes they look at each other like “you’re adopted”.

Never has Gizz let me down in any live shows. One of my favourite aspects that made their live shows greater was the addition of a second drum kit. The fuller beat and bangs, blast my heart and it is so visually entrancing watching two drummers in fucking unison. I feel sentimental, excited, psyched, weird, dyslexic and exponentially happier than happy when King Gizzard is mentioned which is why they are my favourite band. “Pull my finger and punch my face!”

Holly – Glasgow, Scotland

I first heard of King Gizzard from the 2014 Austin Psych Fest Line up. I was checking them out and the minute I heard ‘Head On/Pill’ I knew I’d found my new favourite band – I was totally floored.

I don’t know if it’s because it was the first I heard, but Float Along – Fill Your Lungs has always stood out as my favourite album. I love how each album is different from the previous, I love the garage sounds of Willoughby’s Beach and Paper Mache Dream Balloon blew my mind too. I’ve been streaming Nonagon Infinity on a loop since last week, it’s unreal, the word ‘genius’ is banded about quite freely, but I honestly think they deserve it.

I saw them in Austin, and they played a short set in Glasgow, but they’ve never come back to Scotland since. I’ve travelled to London and Berlin to see them – but I want them to come back to Scotland – they didn’t really get the real Scottish experience that night. I think King gizzard really embody everything that is great and exciting about music again. For such a long time I was really uninspired, listening to only ’60s and ’70s music for a decade, nothing that was happening really spoke to me until King Gizzard.

Always pushing boundaries and evolving, an unbelievable work ethic, and I love that they release their own stuff and support their peers. I always buy the Flightless releases, which means standing outside clubs and gigs to get the pre-sales because of the time difference. After discovering The Murlocs and The Babe Rainbow via Flightless, it’s a label I’ll always want to support.

Thomas – Utrecht, The Netherlands

Greetings from the Netherlands! I’ve been a big big Gizzard fan since 2014, when I first saw that name popping up. It was such a weird name, it had to be something special. I was immediately hooked on I’m In Your Mind Fuzz. After that I was a fan and looking for more music from them.

Because every record is so different, I really can’t say what’s my favourite (I really love them all.) If I need to choose one I would pick the double LP Float Along Fill Your Lungs/ Oddments because then I can pick 2! At the beginning of this year I saw them live in my hometown and it was just what I expected (even more!). Just to see them performing all different tracks and new songs from Nonagon Infinity, was a dream come true!

I have all their records except 12 Bar Bruise, it’s very hard to find them for a reasonable price, so if anyone has one, you’d make me very happy. All of their albums are hard to find here in The Netherlands, because most of them are limited. But I suppose it makes them more special!

Jason – Hamilton, Ontario, Canada

I first heard of King Gizzard in late 2013. I was attending a Black Angels concert and was in a discussion with a few guys about great band names. Someone threw out Uncle Acid & The Deadbeats and it was winning until this guy comes over and says “Have you heard King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard yet?” Hands down this won the night as best band name.

I haunted Discogs religiously until I was able to uncover someone willing to sell me an LP. As a vinyl collector, when I find a band I like, I need to own their LPs, preferably from the country they call home, I gotta have the Flightless pressing if possible! Some poor fool decided to part ways with 12 Bar Bruise (his loss, my gain) and that was it. I was hooked! I Over the last 3 years I have caught these guys 3 times in Toronto.

My favourite show was at The Garrison where I got to meet most of the band, they’re pretty cool dudes offstage as well. I met someone from the UK through Twitter back in 2014 who agreed to grab me the hard-to-get Heavenly 12″ of ‘Head On / Pill’ during Record Store Day, and we’ve continued to do this, King gizzard brings people together internationally! My biggest regret – if only I had figured out the proper time difference when Flightless had put up copies of Eyes Like The Sky in their Garage Sale’ last year…. That one still hurts. Looking forward to some non stop Nonagon Infinity in my near future, and to all the other fans: Float Along Fill Your Lungs!

Jeff – Cincinatti, Ohio, USA

I first heard of them a couple of months ago while surfing Reddit and thought their name was a wild ride. I had just started branching out into different genres of music and their sound was like nothing I’d ever heard before.

I was hooked after listening to I’m In Your Mind Fuzz. My favourite album so far is definitely Nonagon Infinity. For me, the band marks the beginning of me finding so many different kinds of music that I enjoy now. Kind of the vanguard of great music for me at this point in my life.

Luke – Melbourne, Vic, Australia

I first heard King Gizzard a few years back on the radio, their high energy psychedelic jams stood out for me, especially hearing ‘Hot Wax!’ that song is still being hummed and constantly on rotation in my head!

My favourite album would be I’m In Your Mind Fuzz, a great mix of heavy and slow jams and an epic journey from start to finish. I first saw King Gizzard at Roskilde Festival in Denmark only last year, and in Melbourne since.

Every album has a new sound and they always keep you guessing. Collecting their vinyl is an addiction (I’m sure many people can relate). Having two or three variants of the same record is normal right? Once I have at least one of every record I will have achieved life!

Jared – Albury, NSW, Australia

I first heard King Gizzard via ‘Hot Wax’. I thought the song was pretty out there, and right up my alley. It’s hard to go past I’m In Your Mind Fuzz as a favourite record, but what’s great about them is how each record stands on its own. They are all favourites depending on what I’m in the mood for.

I saw them at Gizzfest at the Corner hotel. For me, they mean a return to bands being about the fans and the music, especially because they release so much. I love that King Gizz keeps you on your toes with not only mind melting music but also not knowing what they’re going to do next.

As far as we all know, they could release a brand new R&B album two days after Nonagon Infinity on rainbow coloured vinyl and follow it up with an EP that afternoon. The only thing predictable about them is that their music will always be quality. It’s never let me down.

Sean – Wichita Falls, Texas, USA

I actually heard of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard from the Outlaws & Losers’ Instagram when you posted a clip of the ‘Gamma Knife’ music video. I was really surprised, I had heard of King Gizzard before but I never bothered checking them out.

After watching ‘Gamma Knife’ I immediately started listening to all of their music and sharing it with my friends and coworkers. It’s hard to say what my favourite King Gizz record is because they are all so fantastic and different. I would probably have to say I’m in Your Mind Fuzz or Quarters, when I show my friends the band I’ll usually bring out Float Along.

My girlfriend is just as crazy about the band now as I am. I think bands as prolific and creative as King Gizzard are hard to come by and often fizzle out before gaining the recognition that they deserve (Bands like The Mars Volta come to mind), so I usually will play a lot of King Gizz, Crepes, The Babe Rainbow, etc. at work. It’s important to share music, especially of this quality with people who may not ever hear of crazy stuff like that.

Cris – Houston, Texas, USA

Toward the end of 2014 I was going down a stoner rock rabbit hole on Youtube when I came across the ‘Cellophane’ in 3D video. Life changed forever. For me, my favourite record is whatever their latest opus is, so Nonagon Infinity opens all the doors for me right now.

I saw them at Sidewinder in Austin Texas last September – the show was everything I expected and more. The level of pure King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard energy, the selection of songs they played, and I got to meet the band twice, such nice guys.

King Gizzard are the band I love to love. They fucking rule! They remind me of my favourite bands growing up but they are much more accessible. My first concert was a Grateful Dead show back in 1992. I have seen some big and small acts in my time, but my favourite live music experience to date was King Gizzard.

Charlie – Manchester, England

I first heard of King Gizz when I was listening to The Wytches and they were the first related band. I Checked them out and was extremely impressed with the intricate layering on their songs and how well they executed a ‘lo-fi’ psych sound.

My favourite King Gizz record changes all the time because they’re all brilliant, but I’m really into Paper Mâché Dream Balloon at the moment. I love how it’s all acoustic and they’ve really put out some killer melodies on the record, especially on ‘Cold Cadaver’ and ‘Trapdoor’.

I haven’t seen them live yet, but I have tickets booked to see them play with The Wytches in September at The O2 Ritz in Manchester. King Gizz are an extremely influential band for me in terms of songwriting and live performance. They’re one of those bands where you can really paint a picture in your head when you listen to them.

I was living in Manly Beach, NSW Australia from October to December 2015 and Float Along – Fill Your Lungs is an album that I had on repeat whilst I stayed there. For me, it represents the emotions I was feeling when I lived there. I listened to all of Nonagon Infinity via a stream a couple days ago and it’s incredible. I shall be purchasing it on Vinyl from their merch table when I see them in September!

Nathan – Sheffield, England

I first heard King Gizzard when I found them from similar artists suggestions on Spotify via to Ty Segall. I listened to ‘Hot Wax’ first and was blown away. My favourite is Quarters, its a great idea for a record and came out sounding incredible.

I haven’t seen them live yet but will hopefully be seeing them in Manchester this September. Their music means something to me as they always experiment with each record, it’s great to know I live in a time where such amazing musical experimentation still exists.

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