Every week a plethora of big name acts, Australian musicians and little-known musos drop brand spankin’ new tracks on the internet. We’ve trawled through the internet to find some of our favourites and plucked them from the masses. Grab your headphones and enjoy.

This Week’s 9 Best New Tracks (14th Nov) from tonedeafmusic on 8tracks Radio.

Mark Ronson Ft. Kevin Parker – ‘Daffodils’

The sonic pairing between the two masterminds is utterly seamless, Ronson producing a soaring, funk-laden dancefloor jam that harkens to the days of platforms and exploding hair, while Parker’s free-spirited dreamlike vocals take dancers far above the clouds to his psych-pop discotheque. (JH)

Lorde – ‘Yellow Flicker Beat (Kanye West Remix)’

Though there’s no new vocals on the release, what Kanye has done is given the track a new, sonically darker and more ominous life. (LD)

Pearls – ‘Big Shot’

‘Big Shot’ is a sultry, slinky trip that’s equal parts Suicide, Goldfrapp, and David Bowie, while showcasing what’s made Pearls such an underground phenomenon, including their catchy dual vocals, claps and perfectly placed guitar. (GM)

Honey Wild – ‘Hair Song’

’60s inspired jangle-pop is all the rage at the moment, and some of the finest purveyors of the breezy sound are Brooklyn-based outfit, Honey Wild. The cruisy track sounds like the would-be result of a 21-year old Johnny Marr and Mac DeMarco shacked up on a Californian coast creating blue wave DIY sonic dreams. (JH)

River Yarra – ‘Moonlight Disco’

It’s releases like this that are making everyone excited about fresh new Melbourne-based record label Solitaire Recordings, the brainchild of Hamish and Dan from I’lls. River Yarra is the latest project from original bedroom rocker Raudie McLeod, whose ‘Moonlight Disco’ is one in which the mirror ball is always glimmering, the groove is deep, the vibes retro, and you’re free to go at your own pace as you surround yourself in an eclectic mix of uplifting tones. (GM)

Collarbones & Oscar Key Sung – ‘Only Water’

The result is a bright electro-pop track that glows with colourful, flickering synths and the delightful combination of Marcus and Oscar’s overlapping vocals. (DM)

Asher feat. Ari Wenig – ‘Lost For Words’

The first single from Melbourne up-and-comer Asher Parkes shows more than mere promise. Featuring heartfelt lyrics and skilled vocals courtesy of collaborator Ari Wenig, ‘Lost For Words’ bears the kind of rustic production that almost belies its bedroom creation, mostly because the song itself and the arrangement are so good. Yes, the acoustic guitar which falls like spring rain throughout the track is all well and lovely, but it’s in the carefully constructed background vocal harmonies and brushes of synth lead where this debut really becomes something else. (GM)

The Outdoor Type – ‘Are You Happy’

With gorgeous harmonics, silky-smooth vocals and bone-chilling high-toned guitars that create an encapsulating atmosphere, ‘Are You Happy’ is a late night “stare at the ceiling” typed tune. It’s hard to believe this is the first we’re hearing of the Melbourne artist, and we can’t wait for more. (JH)

Lanks – ‘Beach House’

Like any good “movement”, the current bedroom producer’s renaissance is exciting precisely for the light-speed rate at which it unloads quality content. While little if any of it will be discoverable to future generations, considering its primary if not only means of distribution, it’s good to know that effort is still rewarded on the world wide web. While Lanks may be little-known, ‘Beach House’ gives Chet Faker a run for his money with charming melodies, hazy vocals, and layered production which features an uplifting flute trill. (GM)