Let’s be real, there’s a part in all of us that secretly loved sitting down and rooting for our favourite X Factor contestants. We’re gonna let you know what some of our fave X-Factor competitors are up to!

You may be surprised to find out some of ’em are still getting out there.

Johnny Ruffo

31-year-old Johnny Ruffo entered the competition in 2011 as a 23-year-old bright-eyed, goofy construction worker. Giving off [maybe] try-hard-ish vibes, in pre-audition interviews, the singer shaved music notes into the back of his head. Was this a move from Fremantle Media producers? Who knows? But, all in all, it’s a big NO from me.

The audition: Ruffo entered the comp with Jay Sean’s ‘Do You Remember?” Looking back on his audition video, Ruffo is seen to be getting a not so kind reception. His less than impressive dance moves provide for some good entertainment, but that’s about it.

What Johnny Ruffo’s been up to since: Johnny Ruffo placed third in the comp. Ol’ mate spent three years starring as Chris Harrington in Australian drama Home & Away. The singer recently featured in Channel Nine miniseries House of Bond.

WATCH: Johnny Ruffo auditions for X-Factor:

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Reece Mastin

Reece entered the reality singing show as a 16-year-old rock & roll fanatic. Mastin and co moved to Australian when he was 10, for a “better life.” The singer played footy prior to his X-Factor days, and even managed to score a day off school just for his audition.

The audition: For his audition song, Mastin sang ‘Come Get Some’ by Rooster. Judges and audience members were in awe of the strength of his vocals. Guy Sebastian mentored Mastin and they managed to score a place in the Grand Final.

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What Reece Mastin’s been up to since: Mastin managed to score the top gong in the reality singing show. He signed a major label deal with Sony Music Australia, after which he released two major-label albums. Self titled LP Reece Mastin, and Beautiful Nightmare didn’t manage to crack #1 on the ARIA Charts. Sad times in Mastin-land.

Mastin left Sony Music Australia in 2015, and subsequently struck a deal with Social Family Records. Another album, Change Colours was released later the same year. After that album, Mastin left Social Family Records, and independently released the Suitcase of Stories EP under the name MASTIN. Now 24, the rock artist is still touring.

WATCH: Reece Mastin auditions for X-Factor

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Jai Waetford

Yeah – that kid still exists. Let me tell you a little bit about him. Waetford entered the competition at the [ripe] age of 14. Yes, 14 years of age. Wtf? The kid [no longer] was raised in Campbelltown, New South Wales. He’s a self taught guitarist, and left school after year ten.

The audition: Waetford sung two songs – a bit out of the ordinary for X-Factor. After singing his first track, ‘Different Worlds’, by Jes Hudak, the heart throb was prompted to play an original. ‘Don’t Let Me Go’ ended up being released as a single later that year.

What Jai Waetford’s been up to since: The 14-year-old is now 20. Where did all those years go? He’s now practically Insta-famous and is still releasing music! He’s currently in a major-label deal with Sony Music Australia, and puts out tracks quite a bit. The pop singer just wrapped up a sold out national tour.

WATCH: Jai Waetford auditions for X-Factor

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Jiordan Tolli

24-year-old Jiordan Tolli auditioned for X-Factor Australia at 18 years of age. The singer came from north-eastern Melbourne, and devoted herself to musical theatre prior to entering the singing contest.

The audition: The young Melbourne performer was tasked with singing Birdy’s version of ‘People Help the People’ in her audition. Crowds were left teary and emotional throughout her performance, and she progressed through to the eighth week of the competition, after which she was eliminated.

What Jiordan Tolli’s been up to since: The singer and actress managed to score a return to Neighbours to act as her very early childhood character, Lolly Carpenter. The artist released an EP In Transit under the guise Jiordy. She plays shows across Melbourne every now and again, and posts singing videos on her Instagram page.

WATCH: Jiordan Tolli auditions for X-Factor

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