Even though some people are still afraid of a mosh pit, it’s well known that metalheads in the midst of moshing are some of the most wholesome people out there, and this video of them teaching a little girl how to mosh proves it.

With concerts currently at a stand still, it’s prompted many to go on deep-diving explorations on YouTube in search of awesome content to keep the boredom away. We saw how one persons search of an old SiriusXM video of Puddle Of Mudd covering ‘About A Girl’ by Nirvana quickly went viral, and the newest video to spread like crazy is this young girl learning to mosh alongside metalheads.

The footage emerged on Facebook, and quickly went viral with a current count of over 32,000 shares. As ‘In Due Time’ by Killswitch Engage blares in the background, a young girl is seen making her way into the open mosh pit, and wholeheartedly welcomed by the metalheads thrashing about.

Although it’s unknown what age the girl is, let alone what music festival the footage was shot at, the video lasts a mere 40 seconds, and shows the girl bouncing from punter to punter, where each one of them surely exaggerates her strength by throwing themselves backwards at each bump she emits.

There’s even guidance going on by the moshing crowd, as a few of the fellas help point out who she should bump into next, and showing her just the right technique to do it with.

Even though some people may find the mosh pit to be a scary place, this certainly didn’t dissuade her, as she continues to get rowdy with the open pit, bumping into patron after patron, with some returning the blows (but in a more gentler way than usual). You can check out the video below, and then spend a few moments thinking about how wholesome it is.

Check out this young girl learning how to mosh with metalheads:

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