Live music is on the verge of coming back and Young Henrys and Waywards are celebrating in a big way.

It’s been a while since we’ve had any live music due to the giant COVID-19 shaped elephant in the room. But we’re on the verge of it starting up again and Young Henrys and Waywards are teaming up to usher in its return in triumphant fashion.

Starting from Friday, October 23rd, Waywards will be hosting five ‘Best Served Loud’ gigs, which will be held weekly and headlined by a series of local acts across various music genres.

This Young Henrys and Waywards team up will mark the first live shows to be held at the iconic Newtown venue since lockdown. Fans will be in for a different live experience for these Best Served Loud shows as there will be two sessions for each gig, one catering to early birds and the other for night owls.

Check out ‘I Don’t Want To Be In A Rock Band’ by Charlie Collins:

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The first gig will be headlined by punk rockers The Dead Love and the next four ‘Best Served Loud’ shows will then be headed up by indie pop singer/songwriter ILUKA, country musician Charlie Collins, the soulful CITIZEN KAY, and local punk group Totally Unicorn respectively.

Tickets will be $10 and will be available three weeks ahead of the show you want to attend. Just a heads up though, there are only 50 tickets for each ‘Best Served Loud’ gig so you had better plan ahead. Details for each show are at the bottom of this article.

All proceeds will be going to Support Act, which is Australia’s only charity dedicated to providing crisis relief services to artists, crew members, and music workers who have had their ability to work impacted.

Given the impact COVID-19 has had on everyone, especially the music industry, this is definitely a good cause to contribute to. Plus you get some great music on top of it all so that’s definitely a positive.

Check out ‘My Friends’ by The Dead Love:

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Tickets are available through Waywards. Here are the dates and full lineups for the upcoming Young Henrys ‘Best Served Loud’ gigs at Waywards:

Friday, 23 October (SOLD OUT)
The Dead Love
Eat your Heart Out

Friday, 30 October (SOLD OUT)

Friday, 6 November (SOLD OUT)
Charlie Collins
Ruben Neeson

Friday, 13 November (SOLD OUT)
Citizen Kay
Ms. Thandi

Friday, 20 November (SOLD OUT)
Totally Unicorn
Good Pash

Check out ‘I’ll Be Fine Now’ by Totally Unicorn:

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