In the run-up to her 10th studio album Terminal, Japanese soloist YUKI has dropped a mesmerizing highlight medley of the album’s tracks. 

Japanese singer YUKI is all set to release her 10th studio album Terminal at the end of April. In the run-up to the album’s release, YUKI has dropped a highlight medley giving an insight into the album’s tracks. 

The 13-track album opens with singles ‘My Lovely Ghost’ and ‘Baby, It’s You’, which came in March as a double-release. While ‘Baby It’s You’ came with its own music video, ‘My Lovely Ghost’ is only known to the world through a cryptic teaser. 

In a special interview accompanying the album details, YUKI explains the ideology behind naming the album Terminal. According to Japanese translations, terminals usually refer to end points or starting points, but to YUKI, it symbolized the start of a new journey. 

“Like air terminals and bus terminals, terminals are places where people meet and gather. It’s not the end, but the beginning. It’s the final point and the starting point.” she explains.

“My lyrics and songs show everything I see, hear, and feel, so it’s important for me to live happily, be healthy, and take good care of myself. In ‘Baby, It’s You,’ I sing, ‘Make your smile your starting point.’ she continues. “The terminal is myself, and I want everyone to feel me beyond the songs.” 

For YUKI, Terminal is also the result of reckoning with her long career and deciding what she wants to do, especially when considering her ninth album forme and her split album echo with Chara last year. 

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“While working with Chara, I was able to learn a lot about the nature of dance music and the relationship between melody and rhythm in our album echo. During forme and echo, I realized once again that I like to sing songs with my own words. I wanted to know more about the world I didn’t know.” she explains. 

Terminal will also be available to fans in two editions. While the regular edition only comes with a CD, the first limited edition will also contain a DVD in the package featuring the music video for ‘Baby It’s You’. 

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