Yung Gravy has continued his ascent (descent?) into internet infamy by teasing fans about being a genuine item with Addison Rae’s mum.

The rapper and singer, known for his viral songs and comical online videos, has never hidden his flirty side. Gravy, real name Matthew Raymond Hauri, was presumed to be single, but he hinted at this not being the case soon while on Jeff Wittek’s podcast Jeff FM.

He insisted that the rumours about him and Addison’s mum, Sheri Easterling, are actually true. “It’s real. It’s real. She’s recently single,” Gravy said after the host asked him outright about Sheri. Addison’s mum recently became estranged from her husband, Monty Lopez, after he was accused of cheating on her with a younger woman.

Where did the rumours surrounding Gravy and Sheri initially stem from though? TikTok of course. The rapper stitched a TikTok video she made, editing his name into a filter she had used that described her “perfect date.” “Oh, it’s on sight baby,” he wryly said at the end of the clip.


#stitch with @sheri name a time and place #gravyrae

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The pair then interacted on TikTok again, with Gravy this time performing a duet with Sheri’s video, where she appeared to enjoy the joke of possibly dating him.

While on Wittek’s podcast, he said that he was “going on a date soon” with Sheri. “I might wait until my New Orleans show,” he said. “But we’ve talked, we keep in touch. I’ve texted a little bit every day… been on FaceTime. It’s cute, it’s wholesome” He further added that he was working on plans for their forthcoming date.

It’s been a stressful few weeks for Gravy, with his sex tape recently leaking on the internet. It led to a deep discussion about consent and privacy within his fanbase on social media.

“if you spread or reposted the video of yung gravy today, you don’t care about consent,” as one person noted. “Idc who you are, what you identify as or how old you are. You took away a person’s right to privacy and consent.”

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