Australian rapper Zheani has spoken out against triple j for promoting her music on Unearthed. 

In a since-deleted tweet reposted by triple j presenter Bridget Hustwaite, Zheani called out the “audacity” of the station to tag her on social media about playing her on Unearthed.

“That feeling when you are the second most-streamed Australian female rapper of the year and Triple J has the audacity to tag me about playing me on unearthed,” she said.

“I’m not unearthed you fucking generic Indie band worshipping morons. Play me on Aus radio or fuck off.”

In response, Hustwaite claimed that Zheani had uploaded her own music to Unearthed, a platform intended for emerging artists.

“That feeling when you upload your own music to Unearthed which is literally an Australian music radio station and get pissed off that they leave really nice reviews and play your music because you uploaded it,” she said.

In a subsequent tweet, Hustwaite reiterated that artists shouldn’t upload their music to Unearthed if they “don’t want to be played on [Unearthed].”

“No need to abuse [Unearthed employees] for reviewing/playing the music that’s been directly handed to them,” she added.

After deleting her original tweet, Zheani went on to explain that she will address her feelings in “full detail” in the future.

“I’m on a rare holiday and not going to give my energy to Triple J employees and other government sycophants blowing up my mentions,” she tweeted.

“When I’m back I will address the fuckery of @triplej in full detail. Honestly, I’m shocked at how eager Australians are to suck government dick. Ew.”

In other news, Zheani released her latest record The Zheani Sparkes EP to critical acclaim earlier this year.

Check out ‘Skin Walker’ by Zheani: