#1 Dads are back, baby. Tom Iansek has announced the release of the third LP from his project, Golden Repair. The album will arrive on March 6th 2020, and you can listen to a brand new single from the record, ‘Freedom Fighter’, below.

“An interesting part of this for me is change, which is constantly happening, but often it happens so incrementally that life appears static, but of course this isn’t so,” shared Iansek of the track. “We get lulled into a sense of permanency until suddenly something that was once there now no longer is, hence “even if I have it now, doesn’t mean I’ll have it always”… and if you’re waiting for the tides to turn your way, then you must then learn patience.”

Check out: #1 Dads – ‘Freedom Fighter’

You can find the full album tracklist and artwork below.

#1 Dads

Golden Repair tracklist:
Another Day
Freedom Fighter
Twice A Fool