Take it from us, musicians straight up love touring Australia. Despite the ridiculously long flight that it entails, year after year, major artists make their way Down Under to entertain their beloved Aussie fans and consistently name our sunburnt country as one of their favourite places to visit.

However, there are a few artists who aren’t so keen on the idea of spending a day petting koalas and then evenings entertaining hoards of raucous Aussies in our world-class venues. We can’t imagine why, but there’s a fair number of artists who’ve never visited Australia or simply haven’t been here in ages.

Whether they’ve finally announced a tour after aborted attempts (*cough* Blur) or simply neglected Australia altogether (Adele, really?) we’ve put our heads together, dusted off the touring archives, and compiled a wishlist of absent touring bands, singers, and artists that are making our hearts very, very fond for a live visit.