Today, Perth electro-pop wonders Kayex unleash their debut EP Tempus In LA. A glorious collection of infectious tracks that explore the band’s relationship with Los Angeles. To celebrate the release of the EP, we asked Kayex for three crucial tokens of advice on what not to do in Los Angeles. Pop on their EP and check out what they had to say below.

Listen: Tempus in LA – Kayex
Upset Drake.

We got asked to DJ at Delilah which is this really nice bar/club. As soon as we walked in it looked like the place to be. ASAP Rocky and Bella Hadid were there chilling with their mates. Pretty daunting when you’re in charge of the music lol. They wanted us to play throwback disco and funk type stuff. Until Drake pulled up with literally all of his crook mates. Not long into our set we were asked to play some hip hop, which we didn’t have on our usbs. Drake ended up buying the bar and kicking us off stage then his mates plugged in their iPhone and put Drake music on. Drake 1, Kayex 0.

Pretend to like weed.

A mate of ours hooked up a studio session with a well known songwriter out in the middle of nowhere. When we rocked up, they were all watching the NBA draft and smoking joints. We brought some beers for everyone because it was super hot. Next thing you know, we were passing around the worlds biggest joint and sucking on it like we were Snoop Dogg’s sons and when we came to our senses, we had written a song called “Top Down” which is about being filthy rich in Hollywood. Shocking stuff. Weed 1, Kayex 0.

Eat a dodgy looking prawn kebab hours before boarding a 15-hour flight.

Taking risks was a major point of reference in LA, especially when making music. However, it often made its way into other areas of life (food challenges for example). One of us (you have to guess who) decided to challenge the other at a slimy kebab van literally just before we had to head to the airport on our way home. In good spirits though we decided to both take the challenge so we didn’t leave an injured soldier behind (so to speak).

The guy who served us actually said “are you sure?” when we ordered. The kebab was eaten in record time, chased with about three bottles of coke to kill anything that moved while being digested. That theory didn’t work though…On the way to LAX it wasn’t looking good and we had to make two emergency stops for obvious reasons. We finally made it, boarded our flight and had without a doubt the worst 15 hours of our lives.

By the time we arrived back in Australia we were still sweating heavily which made us look like we were up to no good so getting through customs was actually a miracle. Anyway, we made it back safe but couldn’t actually look at each other for days after the incident. Kebab 1, Kayex -500.