From the blockbuster success of Neil Young’s Pono Music revolution to Aussie band Twelve Foot Ninja’s epic music video, it’s clear that crowdfunding isn’t just a digital fad but an established frontier for bands and artists looking for financing.

Whether it’s as simple as a band recording a new album, raising funds for musicians to head overseas to tour, or simply a great music-related initiative, the likes of Kickstarter, Pozible, Pledge Music, IndieGoGo and their online brethren are helping to realise the previously unattainable dreams of musicians the world over. Here, we’ve handpicked a few of the latest to cross our paths that we think you should totally consider supporting.

Kirin J Callinan Needs A Band (And A Tour & A New Record)

Who: Aussie advant-garde guitarist and sonic provocateur Kirin J. Callinan
What: The musician has launched a Pozible campaign to help raise the big money needed for the big plans he’s got following the release of his locally and internationally acclaimed debut album Embracism last year. That includes budgeting for a new band, funding for overseas touring at international festivals and shows booked in The US, Mexico and SXSW. Plus funding for new music videos and “plans to complete a new album over this May, June & July with an excellent producer (soon to be announced) in the UK & Australia,” note Callinan.
Why You Should Support It: Callinan represents a very different side of Australia’s music landscape, one that deserves to be celebrated and brought to the wider world. Having already earned the attention of international tastemakers (eg. Pitchfork, The Quietus, The New York Times) a fan-funded follow-up to Embracism could help him ‘break’ in an even bigger way. Plus, as a fan, wouldn’t you just love to hear what other sonic curiosities he’s got planned? Oh, and then there’s the unique rewards…
Goal: $12,000
Countdown: $8,085 raised with 9 days to go.
What’s In It For You: A swathe of one-of-a-kind experiences and merchandise. Including (but not limited to) ‘lost’ 2008 album Am I A Woman Yet? (for $25), an arm-wrestle ($49), a personal Skype date ($111), an in-the-flesh date ($1,499), a day of hiking, trekking, and bungee-jumping with the artist ($699) and plenty more batty rewards.

Help Buy The Wu-Tang Album You Definitely Can’t Afford

Who: Wu-Tang fan and self-described “passionate musician” Marcus Scott Wallace
What: An Aussie Kickstarter campaign called #OpenWuTang looking to raise money to buy the rap legends’ new one-of-a-kind secret double-album come art-piece Once Upon A Time In Shaolinwhich has already seen million-dollar bids offered to Wu-Tang’s RZA, so everyone can enjoy the new album not just fat cats with fatter bank balances. The campaign (actually one of two with a similar mission) points out: “If the 4 million fans who bought Wu Tang Forever pledged half the cost of what the album would cost on iTunes, the public’s bid would be $20,000,000. The current bid is $5,000,000.”
Why You Should Support It: 
Because – to quote the campaign’s tagline – “music is for everyone – not just the rich.” If successful, the public $5m bid for the new Wu artefact means you’ll actually get to hear the collection of rare and unreleased material.
Goal: $5.5 million
Countdown: $243,000 raised with 20 days to go.
What’s In It For You: Aside from access to Once Upon A Time In Shaolin, all pledges from $100 to $8,000 will get “#OpenWuTang exclusive collaborative artwork” and the satisfaction that “music still has value.”

We Want More Georgia Fields

Who: Independent Aussie pop musician Georgia Fields
What: Georgia Fields has put the call out to supporters to help fund the making of her forthcoming sophomore album. The Pozible campaign details Fields’ plans for Astral Debris, the sequel to her self-titled 2010 debut (featuring ‘All The King’s Men‘), which will see her working with Double J presenter and Melbourne electronic musician Tim Shiel (aka Faux Pas/touring member of Gotye’s band) and ensure her “magnificent piece of disco-pagan-pop is fully realised.”
Why You Should Support It: She’s just about halfway there and if the unmixed version of lead single ‘Hood And The Hunter’ is anything to go by (here a sneak peek at PozibleAstral Debris is going to be an intriguing local release. If you’re into the likes of Elizabeth Rose, Bertie Blackman, or Kimbra, you should definitely investigate being the opportunity to be part of Georgia Fields’ latest.
Goal: $10,000
$4,855 raised with 24 days to go
What’s In It For You: As well as being able to pre-oder Astral Debris (for $15), pledgers can also get a custom-made tambourine ($50), a private concert ($500), or an exclusive ticket to the ‘Stargazing Soiree’: a surprise live acoustic performance complete with a telescopic viewing of the night sky – tied in with the album’s title (for $150).

Bring The Crimson ProjeKCt To Adelaide

Who: Offshoot of prog legends King Crimson, The Crimson ProjeKCt
What: Featuring three current members of the infamous Robert Fripp-led King Crimson – Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, and Pat Mastelotto – The Crimson ProjecKCt are hitting Australian shores for a national tour of capital cities this June – with one glaring exception: Adelaide. To help amend the situation, and bring their epic three-hour, multi-set show to the City of Churches, the band have launched a Pledge Music campaign to amend the Adelaide snub.
Why You Should Support It: If you’re a prog rock-loving Radelaidian, this is a no-brainer. The chance to experience an epic live show with sets from The Stick Men (featuring Crimson’s Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Marcus Reuter), the Adrian Belew Power Trio, plus a headlining set featuring a double trio formation. If nothing else, it also sets a helpful precedent that proves the SA capital is worth including on forthcoming Aussie visits by other bands.
Goal: Undisclosed funds to stage a Crimson ProjeKCt show on JUNE 30 @The Governor Hindmarsh, Adelaide.
22% completion with 26 days left.
What’s In It For You: As well as tickets and VIP packages for the Adelaide date, you can also get a hot-off-the-press digital bootleg of the show (for $110), a chance to attend the soundcheck with a meet-n-greet ($220), or for the diehards, a Gold VIP entrance to all and any dates of the Australian Tour, with side-of-stage viewing privileges ($1,000).
Head to Pledge Music for all the info. 

Give Bruce Your Bucks

Who: Regional rock band Bruce
What: The four members of this Tarrawanna, New South Wales group, all named Bruce (naturally) have launched a humorous Pozible campaign towards funding a new 7” EP, their second ever release. But “we are not Powderfinger” note Bruce, “but the peeps who dig our music are the best peeps we know” and are looking to them for support towards their limited edition release ahead of their upcoming Melbourne gigs; opening as main support for Brant Bjork as well as shows with Batpiss, DEAD, and Wicked City.
Why You Should Support It: Bruce don’t just deserve your hard-earned because of their balls-out, horns-up brand of no-nonsense garage rock but also their cheeky sense of humour as evidenced in their debut album and campaign “Epic Promo” video. With one week ’til deadline, you can still give this promising rock band a leg-up and claim bragging rights that you ‘were there before they were big’.
Goal: $1,800
$1,594 raised with 7 days to go
What’s In It For You: There’s digital download bundles available (starting from $7), but you really want the limited coloured 7” ($2o) or have your own face featured as the EP cover (by Ben Brown for $200) and the Golden Gig Ticket getting you access to every Bruce gig for the year ($100).

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