Whether it’s as simple as a band recording a new album, raising funds for musicians to head overseas to tour, or simply a great music-related initiative, the likes of Kickstarter, Pozible, Pledge Music, IndieGoGo and their online brethren are helping to realise the previously unattainable dreams of musicians the world over. Here, we’ve once again handpicked a few of the latest to cross our paths that we think you should totally consider supporting.

Help Aussie Band Lowlakes Launch New Release, Tour Europe

Who: Melbourne band Lowlakes
What: If you’re a lover of the cinematic pop music crafted by Lowlakes (and we do), then this is your chance to support them, see them travel overseas to play a bunch of big European festivals and help launch their LP Iceberg Nerves overseas.
Why You Should Support It: The group are childhood friends who grew up together in Central Australia and have always aspired to play to international stages and tour the world, exposing others to their music. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for frontman Tom Snowdon and his merry me, and in turn, your chance to be there as they reach their dreams. That coupled with the fact that there are some sweet deals for pledgers.
Goal: $15, 000
Countdown: $715 raised with 33 days left.
What’s In It For You: These guys really want your support and offer plenty no matter your current cash flow. Just $10 will get your name on a canvas tour wall that will travel with the band around Europe, $50 will see you get to party with the band when they return from overseas (inclusive of a free drink and some snacks). But, if you’ve got the cash, $1,500 will get you a private full-set performance at your rooftop, backyard, or whatever space you have available with everything you’ll need included (cheaper than some others we’ve seen lately).

Don Cheadle’s Mile Davis Movie

Who: Hollywood man and Miles Davis fan, Don Cheadle.
What: Ever since American actor Don Cheadle was a kid he has been influenced by the life and stories of jazz legend, Miles Davis. Now he’s started an Indiegogo campaign to bring the trials and tribulation of the music icon’s life to the screen and celebrate his work in paving foundations for generations to come. Davis once said he played ‘social music’ and Cheadle believes that the making of this film will be a ‘social experience. The title, Miles Ahead promises to bring to life the artist’s muse, his voice, his challenges and fears and be something that everyone can relate to, regardless of your love for the music.
Why You Should Support It: Because whether you’re a jazz fan or not, the Miles Davis story is made for the big screen. This isn’t just about the music but about the challenges we all face at one time or another, delving into who we really are, what we have to say and how we say it.
Goal: $325, 000
Countdown: 43% raised at $140, 726 with 25 days left to pledge.
What’s In It For You: Such a wide variety of goodies on offer for all different budgets, starting at $5 for exclusive updates throughout the campaign, $35 will get you a private pre-theatrical streaming link and they continue to range all the way up to $25K which will score you a script singed by the major actors and Davis’ family members, a visit to the set (you just need to get to the states), and a thank you in the credits.

Polyester In-Store Performance Space

Who: Polyester Records
What: Let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a good record store gig? Tone Deaf is already behind this one and we wanted to provide you an update since we announced the campaign last Wednesday. The store aims to renovate its space to be show friendly in order to support their local music community through a Pozible campaign that has already raised 55% of the required funds to get the concept off the ground.
Why You Should Support It: The time has come for the community to support its beacon, because whether you buy vinyl, CDs, or like to collect your tickets in person – Polyester, along with other independent labels, continue to fly the flag of being a voice of local independent artists and labels. Plus, they’re right in saying, who doesn’t love a good in-store? Especially when they don’t damage your hip pocket.
Goal: $12,000
Countdown: $6,715 raised with 35 days left.
What’s In It For You: Get in while you can with a raft of artistic goodies on offer. Starting from $1 you can get your hands on exclusive downloads of previous in-house performances, $80 will see $60 go straight to the project and a $20 voucher in your pocket all the way up to $1000 to commission your very own oil painting of…well whatever the hell you want by local artist Tracy Ellerton.

Limited Edition Goodies Of Interpol’s New Album

Who: Splendour-bound New Yorkers Interpol.
What: Named in our 25 Most Anticipated Albums for the second half of 2014, El Pintor is the new album from the New York post-punk revivalists, who have launched a Pledge Music campaign giving fans the unique opportunity to snap up some exclusive memorabilia and extremely limited edition special edition vinyl from the band.
Why You Should Support It: We think it’s time to take a little something for yourself and with so many bargains on offer this is your opportunity to be sure to grab some timeless merch. Plus, the money goes directly to Interpol; who knows? Maybe if we rally together and support them fully we won’t have to wait another four years for another album to drop.
Goal: Undisclosed – A number of pre-order vinyls with limited editions of up to 500
Countdown: 85 Days left to pre-order, only 141 copies of limited edition white vinyl available.
What’s In It For You: Depending on your passion and how deep your pockets are at the moment, there is something for everyone. A low $14 will see you get a high quality digital download, $54 will get you a limited edition heavy white vinyl of the new album, and $69 will get you a strictly limited signed artwork of El Pintor, plus a bunch of packages mixing and matching the items on offer.

Ok Go Have New Album & Need New Star For Video

Who: Treadmill enthusiasts Ok Go
What: From the guys that bought you countless epic film clips comes a new album teamed with a Pledge Music campaign to bring you exclusive pre-orders and rare opportunities to interact directly with Ok Go through a range of merchandise, music, chances for mad hangs, and appearing in their touted new video.
Why You Should Support It: You can give something back to the community with 2% of all money raised post goal going to the Future Of Music Coalition, a non-profit organisation dedicated to ensuring a diverse musical culture in which artists flourish and fans can find the music they want. Plus who doesn’t want to see an awesome new clip from the YouTube masters of their craft?
Goal: Undisclosed
Countdown: Undisclosed. Pre-orders until all gone.
What’s In It For You: It really depends on how much of your hard earned you want to part with. Starting at $10 you’ll get a digital download of the album as well as exclusive behind the scenes videos, $64 will get you a double LP gatefold cover singed by each member of the band and $7K will get you a custom piece of video art all about you. With more to come, keep an eye on the campaign for opportunities like custom made Converse sneakers decorated by the guys or a decorated Ok Go analogue synth kit. Plenty for everyone here.

Last Month’s Crowdfunding Wrap Up

You may recall our previous edition that included Aussie avant-garde guitarist and sonic provocateur Kirin J. Callinan, freeing the Wu Tang Clan’s new album for an incredible $5.5 million, and helping out Crimson ProjeKCt fans get them to Adelaide. We wanted to keep you in the loop and let you know how those finished up:

[include_post id=”405021″]

Kirin J Callinan: Complete! Callinan will now be touring and working on a new album with a band having raised against his goal of $10,000 meaning there are some lucky individuals destined for a Skype date with the artist.
Wu Tang: Incomplete. With a measly $243 raised against the target of $5.5 million it seems that the new Wu won’t be freed and based on the response, no one really cares either!
Georgia Fields: Completed, we wanted more and we’ll be getting it. A total $10,332 raised against her $10,000 goal. Her sophomore album is on the way as well as an intimate show with Georgia herself for those loyal to the cause.
The Crimson ProjeKCt: Complete with 100% of goal raised. Smiles all round for Adelaide fans with the band confirming they will be heading to the city of churches – playing the Gov on 30th June – hopefully you purchased a VIP ticket for the show!
Bruce: Complete! The regional rockers raised $ 1,869 against their pledge amount of $1, 800 towards delivering their 7″ EP. Great Monday news for those who got on-board with the vinyl featuring your own face by artist Ben Brown.

Four out of five – that ain’t bad at all!

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