Since Pierce Brothers unveiled their gorgeous second album, Into The Great Unknown, back in March — we’ve been completely enamoured. 

If you haven’t fully immersed yourself into the world of Pierce Brothers, let us give you a primer. We’ve already taken you into the personal lives of the pair with some interesting facts, and delved into a few of our favourite Pierce Brothers music videos. Now, here are five essential tracks guaranteed to kick start an obsession.

And for more on the boys, follow the Pierce Brothers Observer.

‘The Records Were Ours’

If this song was released back in 2009, when our collective hearts were captured by 500 Days of Summer, it would have been over for us. ‘The Records Were Ours’ captures all the glory of 2000s indie, without leaning too heavily into twee. “I don’t care much for you, anymore” might be one of the more cutting post-breakup lines we’ve heard — one I’ll be saving for a rainy day.


Rusticism and European romance baby, need we say more. A kind of murdery-ballad vibe going on with this one.

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‘it’s alright’

One of the most infectious cuts from Into The Great Unknown, a real thigh-slapping folk ditty with an exceptionally lovely chorus. In an age where everything feels irony-poisoned and aloof, it’s a rare treat to hear a love song that beats with such earnestness. Oh god I’m so lonely.

‘Flying Home’

A quietly heartbreaking song that has us longing to long. If there’s anything the Pierce Brothers excel at, it’s masterfully picking apart the trials and tribulations of being in love and expressing them with grace and goodwill.

‘Back To You’

One of the gruffer tracks in the Pierce Brothers repertoire, taken from the band’s debut record Atlas Shoulders. A searing, call-to-arms singalong chorus. It’s a little blue-sy and a lot of fun.