MANE (aka Paige Renee Court) is an independent singer/songwriter from Adelaide with a uniquely beautiful and soulful voice, whose slinky single ‘Bitter’ we premiered recently.

Adelaide and SA isn’t always the easiest neck of the woods from which to gain national exposure so, as an emerging artist hailing from South Australia, we thought Paige would be the ideal person to ask about any undiscovered gems we may not have had the chance to hear – although we can say that we’ll be premiering a track by one of these artists this week.

She’s just released her House Of Horror EP, and for anyone in Sydney looking for a great gig this weekend, MANE will be wrapping up her launch tour at The Newsagency in Marrickville.


Louis Donnarumma is one of my absolute favourite SA musicians, I don’t think there is an instrument he can’t play. His voice is unreal – a really exciting act to keep an eye out for! I can’t wait for his next release. If you want to check out his Hint Of Light EP you can grab it on iTunes – my favourite track is Broken Strings.


I first saw Joy at Fat Controller in Adelaide at the start of this year. Unreal! A great live act to watch, her voice is full of so much soul and her beats are oozing goodness. Keep an eye out for this lady!  


Conchillia have a really unique sound of their own and I’m digging it. There sound is like a sweet mix of pop and some funky samba grooves. Lead vocalist Jess has got some wonder pipes to compliment this glorious sound. Earlier this year they dropped their ‘Hunter Or A Gatherer’ EP, check it out!

Ollie English

Ollie’s music is a dreamy combination of soul, blues & folk. I can hear older and more modern influences throughout his recent EP ‘Cabin Thoughts’. His voice has such sweet and raw tones to it, check this fella out!

Thom Lion & The Tamers

Thom has a really fun indie pop sound, he is a great songwriter in his own right and has just released a couple killer new singles in preparation for his EP. Check his stuff out online!