It’s a yin and yang bond like no other, for decades 50 Cent has been the golden grillz to Eminem’s rapping career. This week the duo celebrate the success of their 2019 track ‘Patiently Waiting’ as it hits 100 million streams on Spotify.

50 Cent took the opportunity over social media to tell the world who he thinks is the greatest rapper in the world.

“This combination will always work,” says Fif, sharing a recent picture of himself with Em by his side at the Hollywood Walk of Fame ceremony earlier this year. ‘Patiently Waiting’ had freshly hit the new milestone on streaming services.

“Think it has something to do with EM being the best rapper in the world but i’m not so bad. LOL,” he continued in the post.

Slim Shady was an essential start in 50 Cent’s career, introducing him to iconic producer Dr. Dre in 2002. The New York City rapper then signed a joint contract with Eminem’s Shady Records label, and Dre’s Aftermath Entertainment.

Since then, Eminem and 50 Cent have become one of the most iconic, dynamic duo of hip-hop. The pair shares an extraordinary bond and always report for duty to help each other during the most challenging and critical times. 

Eminem expressed fond memories of meeting 50 Cent in 2002.

“One of the first things I noticed was his presence. It just kind of felt like he was going to be a star. He was the whole package,” said Em.

“He’s not only a business partner to me, this is one of the best friends I’ve known in the world,” he continued. “I’ll say it’s much more fun to be his friend than it is his enemy. He’s always been there when I needed him.” announced Eminem.

Check out Em’s list of greatest rappers of all time, which surprisingly doesn’t include his bro Fif? Not gonna lie, there’s a bit of controversy to this one!

Paying homage to our ‘Candy Shop’ sweethearts, here’s a playlist highlighting Eminem and 50 Cent’s work together over the years, as we pray to the hip-hop gods above for a modern-day collab from the two heavyweights.

Check out this 50 Cent & Eminem playlist: