The Eminem and Nick Cannon beef is truly ongoing and neverending, and recently the Wild ‘n Out host pulled 50 Cent into the beef. Now knowing 50 Cent, the man was never going to just stay quiet when someone is dragging his name through the dirt.

Appearing on The Breakfast Club, Fifty commented on Cannon and Eminem feuding when he was asked if he mentioned the feud to Eminem. “I was like ain’t nothin’ there,” he said. “‘Cause Em, he’ll get hype on the what. Like you challenging him in that way—‘cause he comes from that format, the battle format. They actually put him in a space where he’s the most comfortable when they attack him.”

The radio hosts also brought up Cannon’s recent track ‘Used to Look Up to You.’ While many thought the song was about Eminem, Cannon later revealed on VladTV that the track was aimed at 50.

“I would never respond to that,” Fifty told The Breakfast Club around the 27:45 mark. “[Nick Cannon’s] legendary corny. He’s been corny forever. From the very beginning.”

Everyone at the breakfast show then agreed that they don’t quite understand why Nick Cannon is so passionate about rapping. “You suck, bro,” 50 Cent said, ”

Everyone agreed that they don’t understand why Cannon’s so passionate about rapping. “You suck, bro,” 50 said. “I’ma just tell you the truth. There’s never a moment when you said something and we was like, ‘Ooh, bars.’”

50 also touched on his beef with DJ Khaled. “He’s one of the ones—I let him go,” he said.

Fifty and Khaled were recently in close proximity in Miami, when they performed at a pre-Super Bowl concert, which had been put together by Fat Joe.

Maybe we can go one week without Nick Cannon reaching for 50 Cent or Eminem to get himself back into the public eye. Just maybe. To read the latest on the Cannon v. Eminem beef, head here.

You can watch the full interview below.