50 Cent has reportedly pranked his longtime rival Ja Rule by buying 200 front-row tickets to his upcoming concert, revealing plans to leave them empty.

We’ve all had visions of revenge in the past that we’d love to fulfil. While Dave Grohl once explained how het got ‘revenge’ on an ex-girlfriend after many years, most of us have to resort to sending our haters a lemon, personalised with a disparaging remark. However, none of these happen to compare to 50 Cent’s recent attempt to get back at Ja Rule.

If you’re not too well-versed in the world of rap feuds, we’ll cut to the chase by telling you that 50 Cent and Ja Rule aren’t exactly buddies. While the roots of their contentious relationship go back almost two decades, the pair appeared to be on good terms around the turn of this decade.

Sadly, recent years have seen the pair go head to head once again, although 50 Cent has now undertaken a rather hilariously petty way of exacting revenge upon his rival.

Taking to Instagram recently, 50 Cent revealed how he noticed tickets to Ja Rule’s upcoming November 9th show had been reduced to just $15, at which point he reportedly bought 200 of them. “I just bought 200 seats in the front so they can be empty,” he explained to his followers. “At $15 a pop you can’t lose, I got 200 tickets for 3 bands.”

Soon, 50 Cent shared a doctored image of himself ‘attending’ Ja Rule’s concert, showing himself applauding while sitting alone at the front of the crowd. “What a show, I mean just fucking great,” he wrote. “Do it again, my kid went to the restroom.”

Of course, we can’t actually confirm whether or not 50 Cent did indeed throw down $3,000 to purchase 200 tickets he’ll likely never use, but such irrational spending may go a long way towards explaining why he filed for bankruptcy back in 2015.

Check out 50 Cent’s ‘Wanksta’:

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