They (whoever that may be) always say that travelling will broaden the mind. True? Maybe, but with it comes personal trials and triumph with a mixture of good and bad times both rewarding and equally frustrating as you find your way in the big bad world.

Ry Cuming AKA Ry X is an LA based Australian producer who is making waves at the moment on the back of his EP Berlin, released this past August. He’s been living the dream in the big smoke working on both his solo project and as a third of another group, electro based The Acid, both of whom will be touring and making their way down for Splendour In The Grass in July.

Ry made a phone call home to speak to us and pass on some of his wisdom to aspiring musicians planning a move overseas to broaden their artistic horizons. Here’s his six tips to not only surviving but maximising the experience to get the most out of it – in true Aussie spirit.

Hello Ry-X , how do we find you today?

“Hi mate, I’m going really well. A little tired, I’ve just landed in London after like a 14 hour flight or something, but apart from that I’m great mate.”

So how is life abroad treating you? How is it being an expat?

“It still gives me this weird feeling hearing that term ‘expat’ because I still feel very much attached to home.”

What do you miss most about Australia?

“Mate, you can’t get that ocean. Australia has the most beautiful ocean. You know, if I think about going home I straight away think about my Dad’s little beach shack in Byron and my Mum’s place in Glengowrie – it’s just the most beautiful places in the world. On a daily basis there’s a part of me that misses those places. I guess that’s something I draw from and another thing that keeps you going.”

Things Have Really Exploded Since The Berlin EP In August.

“It’s been a bit of a rush mate. It’s been crazy. It’s been really a bit of a wild ride but also a beautiful testament to me. You know when you’re making the work that you want to make and being really honest with and the people respond, the community responds.”

Ry X’s 6 Tips For Aussie Musos Moving Overseas

1. Be Honest With Where You Want To Be

“As long as it’s really honest with were you want to be you know. If you want to be in a more relaxed space and make-work and live within the Australian artistic community, which is an amazing community, then do that. But if people want to explore and they want to see some different influences and see themselves grow in some way, which is sometimes hard and sometimes beautiful, then go out there and do it, ‘cos there’s nothing out there that will help you grow like that.”

2. Be Balanced

“You want to do what sustains you as a person ‘cos otherwise there’s not enough energy to run around a big city and do everything all at once, you’ll burn out pretty quick. It’s really important to retain your energy and put it into being an artist so it takes a balance. You can’t just go out every night and be a socialite or your art doesn’t get as good.”

3. Find The Space To Express Yourself

“The biggest thing is that whole finding the space to really express yourself. In Australia, part of the culture is the small towns were everyone really bands together and supports each other in a beautiful way but it can also be sometimes a little bit restricting if you’re wanting to really express yourself as an artist in a certain way.”

4. Don’t Be Restricted

“There is this really nice thing about a big city and about being able to do whatever you want that day. You know to wake up and talk to your friends about an idea for a video and it’s really out there and everyone goes ‘yeah yeah that’s cool, let’s make it happen’. They’ve all chosen a similar path of being somewhere to make work, make art and have a community together that wants to do that. I really love that and I guess that’s why people move overseas.”

5. Always Remember Home

“I’m kind of doing the best I can to emulate, Byron or Glengowrie [laughs]. I live in like this beautiful little solar powered guest house (in the hills of LA ‘I actually avoid the city”) with you know, vegie gardens and sustainable property, permaculture gardens and stuff. So, I am kind of trying to create that as a model if that makes sense, to myself and my community to show that you can do that, even in the context of a big city and, you know, if you’ve got focus and heart towards something you can make it happen anywhere.”

6. Be Committed To Your Heart

“You know I think the beautiful idea is not to feel restricted…anything is really possible! Especially if you’re really committed to it in your heart and a sense of really being here in your mind and your body. If you’ve got an idea of something, move towards it and your world will start to craft itself around you too. It’s amazing to see when you’ve got this focus, even if you don’t necessarily know it’s focus, you’re just excited about it and moving towards it. It’s a beautiful knowledge to have in your bones. Go for it!

Looking Forward To Coming Down For Splendour In The Grass?

“Yeah I’m excited mate. Very excited to play some homes shows…and maybe catch some waves. Really really excited to come down and play some home shows, I think a few little shows in Sydney and Melbourne as well with my solo stuff and coming down with another project The Acid. It’s going to be fun to express two different sides of myself down there. I’m super excited for Splendour, it’s one of those things I guess growing up in that Byron area if someone comes to you and says ‘do you want to play splendour this year’ your first reaction is ‘yes’. You forget about the 20 hours of planes you’ve gotta get to get down there and all the hassle, of course you’re going to turn up and do it mate – I’m excited!”

Ry X will be here in July in both forms. One, as one third of electro project The Acid and as himself, Ry Cuming AKA Ry X. Dates below:

The Acid – Splendour Side Shows

Wed 23 July – Goodgod Small Club, Sydney
Thu 24 July – Northcote Social Club, Melbourne

Ry X – Splendour Side Shows

Tue 29 July – Oxford Arts Factory, Sydney
Wed 30 July – Howler, Melbourne

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