Whether you spend your time wistfully imagining you’re the frontperson of Paramore or if being a music producer juggernaut à la Jack Antonoff is your most secret, sacred desire; studying music is the first step to making those pipe dreams a reality.

That’s why we decided to piece together a list of tertiary institutions around Australia that provide a multitude of short-courses, certificates, diplomas and bachelors that best prepare young Aussies for the wonderful and crazy world that is the music industry.

SAE Creative Media Institute

SAE 2021

This mammoth of higher-education first swung its doors open in 1976, growing exponentially since to house over 10,000 students in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth and online. If you think those numbers are impressive, SAE Creative Media Institute is one of Australia’s most internationally recognisable music-based colleges with 53 campuses in 27 countries around the globe.

Courses cover seven disciplines: Audio and Music; Animation; Design; Film; Games; Web and Mobile; and Creative Industries. One can study a Bachelor of Audio, a Diploma in either Studio Sound Production, Live Sound Production or Electronic Music Production or a Cert III in Electronic Music Production.

With the ability to connect with partner Universities from Asia, Europe and North America, SAE is definitely a wise choice of further education.

Check out http://sae.edu.au for any required information.

Australian Institute of Music (AIM)

AIM is an incredible destination for those wishing to extend their musical studies beyond high school.

One of the largest music-based education institutions Australia which is spread over two locations of Sydney and the brand-new campus in Melbourne that includes a vast variety of music diplomas, music degrees and graduate music studies, as well as offering Acting & Theatre Making through Dramatic Arts, AIM High Senior Secondary HSC studies, individual music lessons & Short Courses.

AIM wields a strong list of courses one can study, including Contemporary Performance, Music Theatre, Classical Performance, Audio Engineering, Composition & Music Production, Entertainment & Arts Management, and Dramatic Arts.

If this university sounds like it’s for you, jump over to www.aim.edu.au and take a look at AIM has got on offer.


Do you have an interest in music but not entirely sure which avenue you want to take? Or are you after flexible, not as heavy study periods? Then Polytechnic could be the perfect gateway into the scene for you.

The Victorian-based learning centre boasts of over 20 different music courses, from preliminary typed qualifications such as Certificate III and IV, Diploma, Advanced Diploma, Associate Degrees and Bachelor Degrees in Music. Additionally available are Music Business, Music Industry, Events and Sound Production.

The best part of Polytech outside its supreme facilities is that these courses can be studied in Melbourne campuses of Prahran, Fairfield and Preston, giving the huge education group an edge over its over competitors.

Find Polytechnic intriguing? Waste not another moment and hop over to their site and see if they’ve got the course that suits you on www.melbournepolytechnic.edu.au

JMC Academy

Leaders of the pack for nearly 31 years, JMC Academy is held in the highest regard within education of the music industry.

With campuses in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, the creative institution boasts of a plethora of courses available to prospective students who are looking to crack into audio engineering and sound production, entertainment business management, contemporary music and performance, songwriting as well as supporting youngsters with VET courses.

Naturally, the long-list of highly sought after courses are available in Diploma or Bachelor certifications.

If you’re keen to attend one of the most revered and celebrated music industry schools within Australia, jump on over to www.jmcacademy.edu.au and make your dreams a reality.

Australian Film Television and Radio School (AFTRS)

Australia’s leading screen arts and broadcast school. The Sydney based education centre is regarded as one of the top 25 broadcast schools within the world according to The Hollywood Reporter, and is actually the only Aussie institution to be placed within the prestigious list.

AFTRS prides themselves on a very “hands-on” style of teaching that emphatically applies to their radio and screen music courses.

For those seeking a career in radio or screen music, AFTRS offer an introductory skills typed course as well as two different undergraduate diplomas as well as their special advanced diploma for scoring music for screen.

This institution is only continuing to grow, and with FEE-Help available, your position at AFTRS is only an application away. Click www.aftrs.edu.au to check out all further details.


Are you the kind of person that prefers to study in a tight-knit group, where you’ll more than likely recognise every face around campus? Well, we may have the perfect school for you.

Introducing Collarts, a smaller, more intimate high-education institution that’s based in South Melbourne.

Specialising in the Bachelor level of accreditation, Collarts offers three degree opportunities in the fields of Entertainment Management, Music Performance and Audio Production.

The ultra hip warehouse-style campus boasts of a 120-seat auditorium, world-class recording studios, post-production rooms, two fully-equipped Mac Pro labs and multiple practice rooms.

Want to be involved with this unique University? Simply go to https://collarts.edu.au and find the course for you.

Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT)

More and more students are gravitating toward RMIT for their tertiary education in music and one cannot blame them. With their iconic Melbourne CBD campus that was designed by students, RMIT quite literally screams art.

RMIT offer a Bachelor in Arts (Music Industry) as well as Certificate IV in Sound Production.

Outside of their world-renown facilities and reputation as one of the finest Universities in Australia, RMIT is an attractive option for prospective students due to the ability to HECS availability for students.

Take a glance at www.rmit.edu.au for any additional information.

Oxygen College

Got a burning desire to study in the field of music and love the breezy lifestyle of living on the coast? Look no further than Oxygen College.

Located in Victoria’s second largest city, Geelong, this institution prides itself on the spread of courses available to both beginner and advanced levels of study.

From Certificate I and III in Technical Production and IV in Sound Production to Audio Professional, Artist Preparation and Artist Development Programs available, Oxygen works to foster musical talent and interest from ages 17 years and above. A perfect starting point for an aspiring music head.

For your foray into the creative industry on the pristine location of the beach, visit www.oxygencollege.com.au index and find the course for you.

Southern Cross University

Offered at both the Lismore and Coomera campuses of Southern Cross University, SCU’s Bachelor of Contemporary Music explores the multi-faceted pathway that helps students prepare a portfolio for a future career in music, “whether it’s production, performance, songwriting or other professional areas of the music industry.”

SCU also offers state-of-the-art facilities with on-campus recording studios, keyboard labs, music production labs, rehearsal studios, and even professional-standard performance spaces, you’ll be working with the best of the best in equipment that will, in-turn, equip you for your perfect career in music.

Rolling Stone Australia actually has a $15,000 music scholarship available with SCU which you can apply for here, but be quick! Applications close this Sunday, 31st January 2021.