Tomorrow, September 20th sees the birth of Young Henry’s Small World, a one-day festival and a celebration of the inner west – Small World, featuring some of Sydney’s most exciting local bands.

Closing down Jabez Street in Marrickville, the festival will include Aussie legends Tumbleweed, local hip hop label Big Village hero’s True Vibenation, mighty seven piece punk-string outfit Little Bastard, scungy blues-rock’n’roll band The Snowdroppers are playing one of their very few sets of 2014 and 60s inspired garage-punk-pop trio Bloods. The line up continues with The Delta Riggs whose second album drops this September, Steve Smyth who will release his debut record via Ivy League Records on September 5 and Richard In Your Mind who recently released their psych-pop single ‘Hammered’ plus The Upskirts, Pat Capocci, and Royal Tennyson who round off the line up.

To celebrate Small World (and Sydney’s inner west) some of the bands on the line up have put together a list of some of most exciting band to come out of Sydney’s inner west, for more info on Small World, visit

The Delta Riggs

DMA’s: I’m sure everyone is aware of these guys now, but for a relatively new band they have come out really strong. I love their songs, just really well written and old mate has a monster voice.

Royal Headache: Haven’t heard much from these dudes lately, but their album from a few years back was pretty much flawless. Nailed that garage sound but the difference that set them apart were the songs. Just 2 minutes that pack a inch, what more do you need?

The Walking Who: Legends. They would have to be one of the most underrated bands getting around. Their new track, ‘With Roses’, is rad and I’m pumped for the record to land. Rohan is a stud too.

Richard In Your Mind

Gerling: It was the mid to late 90s, I was 16 years old, I was watching recovery on aSaturday morning after a heavy night of bulbs when these 3 guys wearing backpacks appeared on screen and starting screaming “death to the apple gerls!” I was instantly infatuated. Children of Telepathic Experiences just might be my fav aussie album of all time. Like our band (RIYM) Gerling don’t like to stick to one sound. They are explorers and will use whatever tools they want be it guitars, synths, computers, 4-tracks whatever. Great band.

SPOD: My old band supported SPOD one night at the Castle hotel in Chippendale around 2003 and he was the most exciting, sexual and insane thing I had ever seen. He alternated between obscene electro and deafening punk rock (with Andy Clockwise on drums). Later on, after meeting at some late-night Judgement bar piss-ons in the mid noughties we bonded over our mutual love for early Beck and Ween and how boring most the bands at the Hopetoun were. Now we’re best mates and Taste The Radness is still a modern classic.

Disgusting People: A pretty new band led by Pat Delohery who is a very special human. He has has been writing bizarre and beautiful songs for years but now they’re all coming out on one record and it’s truly great.

True Vibenation

Ribongia: An Italian-born producer who lives in the inner west and makes bass x juke x footwork music that draws heavily on influences from Africa. Pretty cool right?!

Billie McCarthy: One of the most underrated singers in Sydney. She can sing her ass off and is really versatile too! Make sure you see her live and you’ll be converted for sure. In her words she described her music as:”If Adele, Billie Holiday, Bobbie Gentry and Dolly Parton fell into a bowl of cake mix, then I’d be the cake.”

Big Village Records: We’re a bit biased on this one but Big Village is dope! Born and raised in the inner west, BV is an independent hip hop label run by the artists it represents. The artist roster includes True Vibenation, Daily Meds, Ellesquire, Suburban Dark, Loose Change & Reverse Polarities.

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