A Star Is Born was an almost flawless film. Though I think we can all agree that it was missing something — an element of nü-metal. Well fear not my dear cinephiles, some god-like messiah has reimagined the trailer in a way that will have you desperately scrummaging through your drawers to find your once beloved JNCO jeans. That’s right, somebody has recreated the A Star Is Born trailer so that it tells the story of the rise of nü-metal’s most beloved frontman, Jonathan Davis of Korn.

A Star Is Korn is the brainchild of comedians Anna Salinas & Heather Alarcón Higginbotham. These two genii star as Bradley Cooper and Jonathan Davis. If you’ve seen the original trailer for the film, you’ll definitely appreciate this. Check them both out below.

Watch: A Star Is Born – Trailer

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Watch: A Star Is Korn

Finally, some content that aligns with every single one of my interests. Now, the only question that remains, when will Miss Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta venture into the world of nü-metal. After the avant-garde masterpiece that was Artpop and her stripped-down country venture Joanne, a gritty nü-metal record seems like the logical next step. Please Miss GaGa, we’re all begging you.

Earlier this week, at the 91st Academy Awards, Lady Gaga won her first Oscar for Best Original Song from A Star Is Born for ‘Shallow.’

After her win Gaga shared a heartfelt message to Australian fans. Gaga wished that her Australian fans would “feel a joy” at the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras happening in Sydney this weekend.

“What I would like to say is: one of the hardest things in life is to be brave enough to be yourself,” Gaga shared. “I wish to everyone that is going to that celebration to feel a joy inside of them. That’s actually what Bradley said to me yesterday right before we did our last rehearsal for this performance of Shallow.

He said, ‘Let’s just drop a little bit of joy.’ And I said, ‘Okay’. And turns out, joy did a whole lot for me … I hope that everyone there in Sydney feels so much joy and celebrates all sexual identities.”