Few lineups are as eagerly anticipated as that for St Jerome’s Laneway Festival. Simply put, the lineup not only lets punters know what to expect at the next event, but who we’ll see blowing up over the next few months or so.

In the past, the sheer level of anticipation has led a few crafty, if cheeky, graphic design aficionados to unveil their own fake posters. Obviously, this isn’t exclusive to Laneway, other festivals have their share of fake posters popping up.

However, since we’re getting way close to the Laneway 2016 lineup announcement, InTheMix report that a fairly decent attempt at fooling Laneway fans has now begun doing the rounds, but there are just a few glaring giveaways.

It is a fairly skilled forgery in that the lineup certainly has a Laneway-ish feel, with bands who have releases coming out in the next few months, others who are already pretty much confirmed for the event, and others who are strongly rumoured.

Hudson Mohawke and Purity Ring have both pretty much confirmed themselves for the lineup, while The Strokes guitarist Albert Hammond Jr and Sufjan Stevens have indicated that they’ll be heading Down Under around Laneway time.

But the poster itself is in fact a severely Photoshopped version of a poster promoting Laneway’s annual SXSW party and appears to be missing any presenting partner logos, cities, and dates, which is a little odd for a festival poster.

The order of the billing is also a dead giveaway, since smaller acts like Viet Cong rank above major names like Purity Ring, Chance the Rapper, and Panda Bear, but that doesn’t really matter since Laneway posters have been listed alphabetically since 2011.

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