Because our favourite column, the trashcan, only runs every fortnight, we couldn’t ignore this hilarious piece of rubbish news that’s sure to end your week with some lols.

Adam Levine just can’t catch a lucky break when it comes to interaction with the general public.

The Maroon 5 frontman has had a very public rollarcoaster ride of shitty fan experiences, can anyone remember the crazy audience member who clambered onstage and awkwardly hugged him, refusing to let go? Or that time he threw his mic at the ground, to which it instantly bounced into the face of a lady in the front of the crowd? As if it wasn’t hard enough for Levine already, the poor dude has copped a face-pelting of sugar.

As the wondrous web source Daily Mail reports, the 36 year-old was heading up to the TV studio of Jimmy Kimmel Live when he was very unexpectedly smashed with a massive bag of what has been identified as powdered sugar, coating the singer from almost head to toe in the sweet goodness.

Now, as one can imagine, Levine was pretty g-darned pissed over the incident, almost instantly ripping off his coat as he stormed away.

As TMZ write, the perpetrator has been apprehended by authorities and has been apparently arrested for battery, although they’ve not provided a reason as to why they decided to ruin the singer’s day, maybe they’re just really hate Maroon 5’s song, ‘Sugar‘ – got no idea why.

Levine made a full recovery from the attack, so it’s safe to have a little chuckle at the vid below:

While we’re at it – here’s that ridiculous fan that couldn’t let go:

And of course, the dangerous bouncing microphone:

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