Cronulla native Adam Newling won over our hearts last month with the release of his gleaming debut single ‘Cheer Up’. Now, Newling is back with a simmering and sexy new single ‘Morning Breath’.

“‘Morning Breath’ in its essence is a song about sex. Young drunken sex. I wrote it in the early morning, I couldn’t sleep and I had severe writer’s block, and if you know me you’d know I don’t cope well with word block, the frustration seeps into every part of my life, it’s hard to sleep,” Newling explains

“In my delirious state i thought about my younger years and all the loves and losses that have made up my life. The verse tells a story of how I fell in love with a girl over the course of an evening and it was real love in that moment but only in that moment. My life is only made of moments, and those moments are inconsistent, this is what the chorus is saying. It’s a reminder to myself to not let time taint my feelings of things that have happened in my life.”

It’s a universal experience that I’m sure we’ve all been acquainted with at some point in our life. Newling has unleashed the track with an accompanying music video filmed with collaborator and friend Tas Wilson. Shot on 16mm film, the music video offers a dreamy insight into the mind of Newling.

“It took us a whole day to make the summoning occult triangle in the far corner of our property so we left it there after the shoot for reminiscing sake,” Newling has explained of the filming process. “We’ve also got a pretty nosy landlord, and he stumbled upon it a month or so ago, and well… he hasn’t been as nosy as he used to be.”

It’s the kind of heart-on-sleeve, hopeful and unabashedly earnest art that our souls are crave — check it out below.