After much anticipation, Adele has finally announced the arrival of new music with a teaser for her single ‘Easy On Me’.

You can’t see us, but believe us when we say that we are all the ‘Oh my God, it’s happening!’ meme. Adele – yes, queen Adele – has finally announced the arrival of new music through a teaser for her single ‘Easy On Me’.

While the short 17-second-clip did not reveal much of the vocal or musical arrangements on the track, we do see Adele – in all her black and white glory, reminding us of ‘Hello’ – popping a cassette into the car’s player and driving off. Attached to her car is a trailer, presumably full of furniture, indicating she’s moving somewhere (she might be packing up memories of a time well-lived, or we might be overthinking).

Naturally, fans are in a tizzy, especially after Adele made her return to social media after a nine-month hiatus to drop a very cryptic “Hiya babes” on Twitter.

Over the past week, anticipation for Adele’s new album, being termed 30 by fans – keeping in line with the singer’s previous works, which have all been named after the ages she wrote and recorded them at – went soaring after mysterious billboards featuring the number went up in various landmarks all across the world.

The number 30 was spotted at the Eiffel Tower, The Palace Of Westminster, the Empire State Building and even the Louvre. Since the singer is currently 33, fans believe that the album could have been written when she was 30 – which also falls in line with the confirmation she gave in April 2021, where she said that her fourth album had been delayed. 

While news of an album has yet to be confirmed, the single will be out on October 15th.

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Check out the teaser for ‘Easy On Me’ by Adele:

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