Adrian Eagle has been following this secret page of old Biggie photos on Instagram, and has kindly revealed to us that we’ve been missing out on some quality content. He’s also shared some other sweet tunes that have popped up on his Instagram explore that are definitely worth sharing.

Adrian Eagle recently sent us his Instagram Explore, which included some live performances, some hot new artists that we’ve been keeping an eye on, and some pretty amazing music videos and pics.

He also shared with us his favourite page at the moment, which we were stoked to find out was a page covered in Notorious B.I.G. pics that have been lost to time.

The secret Instagram Biggie vault, which you can glaze over below, shows pics of the famous rapper throughout his lifetime, and presents them all in one pretty slick locale.

Adrian even sent us in his fave picture of the rapper which he found on the page, which features Biggie, Money L, Jay Black, Lil Cease and Bear posed in front of the Hilton Hotel in the Netherlands circa 1996. A rarity through and through.

“I found this page via the explore feature, and I followed this account straight away. Full of awesome and rare pics from the ’90s and pics of Biggie / Jay-Z too in the studio.”

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But the pics don’t end there, the whole Instagram page is covered in an absolute treasure trove of old rarities and lost gems.

It’s quite the mystery how this page has managed to find all of these incredible images. But we can’t complain, now that we have them all in one place, all we can do is celebrate.

It goes without saying that Adrian Eagle is a massive fan of Notorious B.I.G., who inspired generations of rappers with his classic rap hits from ‘Big Poppa’ to ‘Juicy’, and even the incredible and overlooked tag team song ‘Another’ featuring Lil’ Kim.

“I’ve loved biggie ever since I was a kid,” says Eagle, “He was my first favourite rapper. I remember in grade 5 one of my friends handed me Biggie’s album on CD for me to take home for the night and the rest was history. I love his flow and his confidence and his wordplay.”

Counting Biggie as one of his own inspirations, it’s no surprise that Eagle has managed to find this amazing page.

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